Should I take a divot with a fairway wood?

So, should I take a divot while hitting a fairway wood? YES AND NO.

This is actually a fairly common question for new golfers or even golfers that have played for some time. And with many things in golf, the answer is maybe. It always depends on the individual and their swing type, but for many golfer's that are trying to improve their game taking a small divot will help with consistency.

There are two types of swing styles when hitting a fairway wood. Golfers that sweep the ball and golfers that hit down on the ball (take a divot). Both types of swing styles are effective, but if you are having trouble hitting your fairway woods high enough or topping the ball, you should try taking a divot. Likewise, if you are hitting the ball too high and chunking it from time to time, try sweeping the ball.

If you want to take a divot while hitting a fairway wood, it is recommended that you move the golf ball position to more center of your stance. Roughly 2 golf balls behind your left heel, this will help with your launch angle and contact when trying to hit down on the golf ball.

If you want to sweep the golf ball it is recommend to position the golf ball inside your left heel. This will allow you to sweep the golf ball clean with your fairway woods.

Give both a a try and see what is best for your individual game. And to answer the question..YES, it's ok to take a divot while hitting a fairway wood!

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