7 Tips for a Better Golf Swing Motion

In golf, there's no doubt that practice makes perfect. Thoroughly rehearsing your swings in a variety of different situations, working on your weaknesses, and familiarizing yourself with those new golf irons you've just bought, is key to becoming a more consistent and competitive player.

However, what's also true in golf is that knowledge is power. Learning the right tips and tricks can help you improve at a faster rate, aid you in developing a more solid game plan, and make your practice sessions that much more effective.

In the following article, we'll show you how to do exactly that by providing 7 tried-and-true golf swing tips that will help you hit straighter shots and enhance your overall game. Keep reading to learn more.

How do I improve the motion of my swing?

First, you need to make sure you have good clubs. While you don't have to purchase the best and most expensive golf irons and other clubs released in 2022, it's still well worth your while to invest in a well-made set.

High-quality clubs have superior shaft construction, increased durability, and feel better to use. All of this translates into increased consistency and a more forgiving learning curve, while also improving your overall experience as a golfer.

Here are 7 time-tested ways to improve your swing:

1. Take it slow

The best golf swings tend to be the ones that gradually build up speed as the club comes down. Taking a little extra time at the top of your swing and resisting the urge to rush through the transition will go a long way toward boosting your control and precision. Hitting the ball as hard and as fast as you can may be fun, but it's rarely the most effective choice.

2. Leverage the power of your body

Learning to power the club with your body rather than your hands and arms is a key skill for any golfer. You can do this by placing the club head behind the ball at address and keeping your body in a dead-stop position. Do your best to drag the ball into the air without taking a backswing.

This will be difficult at first if you're used to relying on your hands to control the club, but after a little practice you'll soon start using your body's power and hitting more consistent shots.

3. Choose a target

Always pick out a target before taking your stance. By aiming for a specific point on the field, you'll naturally minimize indecision in your game and be able to put more commitment and confidence behind your swings.

4. Work on your wrist hinge

Not even the best new golf irons will help you hit crisp iron shots if your takeaway is too low to the ground or your arms swing way too far in the backswing. Doing these things will result in mis-hits and cause you to lose control and distance.

To address this problem, maintain a 45-degree angle between the clubshaft and the left arm during setup. This will ensure the swing begins with the wrists already semi-hinged to the required 90 degrees. During takeaway, keep your hands close to the ground as the clubhead rapidly moves up. This will help get the left thumb to point at the right shoulder.

5. Keep your hands low

The lower you keep your hands, the lower the ballflight tends to be. Although you can achieve similar results by swinging easy with a stronger club or moving the ball back in your stance, this isn't as reliable as simply keeping your hands low on the finish.

6. Loosen your grip

Holding onto the club like your life depends on it is neither pleasant nor effective. Relaxing your grip makes it easier to achieve a clean strike and it's better for club speed. Of course, this doesn't mean the club should be dangling from your hands, as you'll still need to hold onto it tightly enough to maintain control throughout your swing.

You may also want to hold your golf clubs from the side rather than from underneath, as the latter can cause serious issues. A great way to get a feel for how your hands should move toward the club is to clap your palms together while standing in your golf posture.

7. Remain completely still while putting

In many ways, a putt is the polar opposite of a full swing. Where a full swing relies on harnessing the power of your whole body and bringing the club down fast, a putt is all about maintaining control and precision.

To do this effectively, your body needs to remain as still as possible during a putt. Ideally, you should be moving the putter with your shoulders and essentially just letting your hands and arms go along for the ride. Your head and lower body shouldn't move at all. This will eliminate a lot of the extra movement that can cause your putts to miss their mark.

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