How Can I Get the Most Out of My Top Golf Driver?

Having a top-quality golf driver as part of your set of golf clubs is essential if you’re looking to make the most out of your golfing experience. Knowing how to choose the best golf driver is just as important as choosing the best set of clubs, being familiar with the mistakes to avoid when looking to purchase golf irons, and knowing the differences between all the golf wedges.

That is why you should pay attention to your golf driver, know when you should replace it, and consider the many vital aspects of purchasing the best golf driver for 2020. It all starts with the drive, so let’s see how you can get the most out of it. 

How long do golf drivers last?

Every club used in golf has a lifespan, and the driver is no exception. The longevity of your driver depends on several important factors, with three standing out as vital when it comes to determining how long a driver should last.

  1. Quality of the driver: The manufacturing quality of your driver is what impacts its lifespan the most. That is why you should always look to purchase a premium driver, as it is one of the most important clubs in your arsenal, rather than searching for the best golf driver for beginners in 2020.
  2. Style of play: How long your driver will last also depends on how fast you send the ball flying. Pros that hit the ball at speeds greater than 110-115 miles per hour will wear out the driver far quicker than an intermediate golfing enthusiast ever could. 
  3. Frequency of play: Finally, the more frequently you play, the sooner you will start looking to purchase the best golf driver for 2020. However, if you’re a beginner or intermediate player, you can expect your driver to last around five years before losing its pop. 

How often should you replace your golf driver?

As long as your golf driver continues to serve you well, and you’re not noticing any great drops in the distance or speed of your drives, there is no need to replace your golf driver. Unless it cracks or breaks, you can continue using the same golf driver for four to six years before it starts to lose its pop.

That being said, there are two instances in which it is completely normal to want to replace the driver you’ve been using.

  1. Transitions: If your game is rapidly improving, you want the clubs that can support it. If you have a golf driver for beginners, you can’t expect it to advance your game, increase your drive distance and speed, and boost your precision. If you’re becoming a more proficient golfer, you should always treat yourself to one of the best golf drivers for distance of 2020
  2. Quality: Sometimes, it’s the other way around, and what you need to push you past the “beginner” golfer mark is a premium golf driver. A driver is a most frequently used club, the one that you’re always going to be most comfortable with, so always spring for the best one you can afford, as it will last you for a long time and help your game immensely.

How can I get more distance from my driver?

While a good golf driver does a lot of work when it comes to improving your drive, there are some essential driving skills that you need to master in order to get the most out of every opening shot. Here are some top tips on getting more out of your driver.

  • Center contact: Hitting the ball with the center of your driver will help you improve distance, speed, and allow you to control the golf ball better.
  • Faster swing: You should try to gradually increase the speed of your swing. Do not try to boost your swing speed at the expense of precision. Go slowly and work your way up.
  • Shaft lean: The goal is to have the shaft of your driver leaning more forward than in the initial position. If your shaft leans back at impact, it will add loft, affecting contact between the driver and the ball, reducing speed and distance.
  • Long hand arc: By taking your hands further back during the swing, you can elongate your arc and add force to your drive. 
  • Ground: Use the ground to your advantage by slowly allowing your heels to come up during the hit. 
  • Equipment: Spend a little more on a top golf driver for 2020 and see how a premium-quality club can help improve your drive.
  • Swing faster: In the beginning, you need to slow down your swing in order to do it properly. However, once you get good, you should speed up your swing to get more power.

What is the best golf driver for distance in 2020?

When looking to purchase a new golf driver, you should focus on finding the right one for you and your level and style of play. However, even if you’re just a golfing newbie, you should not look for the best golf drivers for beginners of 2020. Always buy a premium club while paying attention to the following:

  1. Head size: The higher the head cc, the more forgiving it will be to the golfer. On the other hand, a smaller head will increase the maximum distance and precision. Choose the head size that your style needs.
  2. Adjustability: Modern drivers have increased loft angles which helps the precision and the overall impact. A cutting-edge driver allows you to modify the horizontal center of the drivers using weight sliders to help you improve performance.
  3. Shaft: Finally, choose the right grip and shaft for your golfing level. An adequate shaft and a good grip can boost your drive distance by as much as 20%.

However, there is one driver that stands above the competition. The BombTech 3.0 driver employs cutting-edge technology to give you the best drive possible. Its dual cavity design reduces drag in order to increase head speed, while the weight placement gets the ball airborne fast. Finally, its heel and toe weights increase forgiveness on off-center strikes. If you’re looking for the best golf driver for 2020, you may have just found it. 

Who sells the best golf drivers for distance in 2020?

A high-quality golf driver is one of the most important clubs in your arsenal, and you should definitely treat yourself to a top golf driver that will help you advance your game and see you drive the ball farther than ever before. However, the market is flooded with sub-par drivers, which makes it difficult to make an informed decision.

Don’t fear though, BombTech is here to help you out. We are an online-oriented company that cuts its overhead costs by supplying premium quality golf clubs online. This makes our clubs competitively priced with superior quality. If it’s time to replace your battered driver, you’d make a mistake not given our BombTech 3.0 driver a try.

If it’s not to your liking, which we doubt, you can always return it within 60 days of the purchase. We’re here for you and your game. Contact us and let’s see you swinging for the greens. 

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