How many golf drivers do you own?

How many golf drivers do you own?

I wanted to do a Facebook survey to get a better understanding of how often golfers are buying new golf drivers. Here are the answers when I asked the question, "How many golf drivers do you own?"

Mitchell Thurman - At least 35.

WOW! 35. I am surprised by that answer. Let's continue. So how many golf drivers do you own?

Greg Heyn - Zero after my Grenade.

Ben Ignaszalk – 2. I’d like a grenade to make it lucky #3

Thomas Reed - 5 since 1960 & most 2nd hand because if I bought all the drivers I wanted or yours I'd have nothing left to pay for GOLF

Chris Brandies - 1 Srixon i506.

Dimitri Schenk – 3 (BB Diablo / RBZ / Grenade)

Dave Price - 11

Scott T Brunell - 1

James Murphy - 4. Still have 3 of them.

Bob Williams - Ten!

Corey Lowes - 3 drivers bought in total

Micah Montgomery - how many have I re-Shafted?? That’s a different story

Micah Montgomery - 24 dating back to 86' which really is about average for an avid golfer.

Christopher Rector - 1

Shawn Pope - 5 over the last 20 years. Of course, I did not hit or even carry a driver for many years.

John Bryant - I can't count that high. Lol

David Bonham - 20

Eddie Colon - 18

Jeff Robinson - It's more disgusting as I added up the few.

Chad Henson - 2

Andy Parrish - 20+

Stephen P. Terpak - Omg....only been playing for 12 years, bit at least... And I mean at least 3 per year!!!....I know, gear whore.....and I still own most of them,!?

Ron Parson Jr. - 3

Mark Little - 6

Mike Roehl - 2. Wish I had more money to but grenade

Matthew King - 10

Tim Johnson - 9

Steven J. LeJeune - My new Grenade is #42!!

Alan Berner - 25-30

So, how many golf drivers do you own?

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