In Store Golf Club Demo vs. 60 Day On Course Golf Club Demo

In Store Golf Club Demo vs. 60 Day On Course Golf Club Demo

Everyday I am asked where can I demo these golf clubs or where can I try the Grenade golf driver? And everyday I say the same thing. You can't. And can't isn't a word I like to use. Especially to a potential BombTech team member. So, why can't you go to the local golf store or to Dick's Sporting Goods and find our products?

It is intentional. As you probably read recently, 500 PGA professionals were fired from Dick's Sporting Goods. And that is just the beginning. Golf retail is struggling. Well all traditional brick and mortar retail for that matter. Yea we never will sell 30,000 drivers to Dick's Sporting Goods or 10,000 to Golfsmith, but I am OK with selling 1 at a time to you. If that means you have a better understanding of our technology and can build your own custom golf driver.

And for this reason we offer a 60 Day On Course Guarantee. You pull the pin on any of our custom golf clubs, and you get 60 days to play it. If you don't love it, you get one exchange or you can return it for a 90% refund. It is like renting a golf club for 2 months for $29.

How does this compare to an in store demo at your local big box retailer? You pick up the STOCK golf club or golf driver. Take some swings into a net or a monitor. And you hope it plays well on the course. I have done that, and I would take 60 days out on the course all day over in a store.

So to your question, where can you demo the Grenade driver? We have a 60 day guarantee!

Which would you choose?

In Store Golf Club Demo vs. 60 Day On Course Golf Club Demo

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