How many golf drivers is too many?

New golf drivers - How many is too many?

As a golf driver manufacturer, I sometimes wonder what is the real motivation behind all the new golf drivers being released. Some of the big brands have gone as far as releasing a new golf driver models ever 3 months. I have been contacted by many consumers and asked why are the big brands releasing so many models in one year.

Money....Golf is a business and the big brands understand that if they release new product, whether it is truly better or different will cause some increase in sales. But at some point, I think that point has already been hit. It will have a negative effect and the consumer or golfer will see it as what it may be..a Gimmick, where no real material or design advantage exists.

The reason we all want newest, latest and greatest is because it should perform better. A few big companies have fought this by releasing new models once a year or once every 2 years and it may go unnoticed.

The Goal or objective should be more simplified. If its better, release it. If not forget about it!

What do you think about New Golf Drivers coming to market?

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