How to paint fill your golf clubs

How to paint fill your golf clubs?

Golf club customization is becoming more popular and a number of companies have started offering custom paint fill colors. These is a very quick and short tutorial of how to do it yourself.

Paint filling your golf clubs is a fairly east task if you have the right equipment and proper preparation.

This is what you will need to paint fill your golf clubs

- Acetone

- Paper towels

- Acrylic or enamel paints designed for metal applications - Testors and Tree House brands work well and can be purchased at most craft stores.

- An appropriate sized paint brush. Smaller details require a finer brush and larger details require a wider brush.

Now that you have the proper equipment to paint fill your golf clubs, we can begin.

First, grab your golf club you are looking to paint fill. Determine which area you would like to paint fill. Soak your paper towel or cotton swab with acetone. Rub your acetone treated paper towel over the current paint you are looking to remove. Move back and forth and in circles in order to remove the existing paint. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP! Make sure you remove all of the paint and that you let the metal surface dry sufficiently. Fast drying acetone work quickly (less than a minute usually).

Now that the existing paint fill is gone. Simply brush on your new paint. Be as careful as you can not to fill in other areas you don't want to paint fill. Once your intended areas are filled with paint, carefully remove any excess with the paper towel.

Let dry for 1 day minimum. Full cure on most paints is up to 7 days!

And your done.

Paint filling your golf clubs shouldn't be tough. I hope this short how to guide was helpful!

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  • Will this paint fill process with acetone be safe on the finish of the torched wedges?

    Martin on

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