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The best way to lower your scores in golf, the short game. Hey everybody my names Jorge Arteta, golf professional and instructor and I love, love, love the short game. Come on out with us today and let's see if we can help you lower your scores.

Welcome everyone to BombTech Golf academy we are today with Eddie, Eddie how you doing? Doing well thanks Jorge. Welcome and thanks for being out here with us. He is one of the local amateur golfer and going to help us with today’s episode. We are going to learn today how to align the ball Eddie with the target. A lot people have trouble or challenges trying to get the ball to the target. So that’s what we are going to work on today. Folks let’s get right to it.

Eddie let’s set up here, and what you see behind me folks from that point of view Eddie will be right in line and he is going after that first target that we see over here. When he assesses the shot from back here what we are trying to do is find a point from here that will maybe be 2 or 3 feet on the same line. So we want to be on the line with this ball to that target. So Eddie let’s go back there again and Eddie is going to pick a spot somewhere around here, somewhere 2 to 3 feet in front of the ball and we are going to put it down there and put on the line. Eddie I will let you do the honors there, put the ball on the line.

Alright from here folks you are going to see that this ball and this ball should be in line. So what Eddie is going to do now is going to come up to the ball and folks you have heard of this before in terms of railroad tracks or parallel. If Eddie took this club and put it straight on his shoulders he is going to be parallel to this line right here with the target. That is what we are trying to do. So again you have the club up here and you’re in parallel or almost like railroad tracks to this target and he should be straight on.

Alright Eddie let’s get ready and then from here folks you would go on and just take the shot as normal. Alright and then that helps him line it up again. So Eddie when you go through this process how does it make you feel in terms of being confident about this shot? I think it really helps me be very confident in where I am aiming the ball. I mean aim is really important and it can be easy to miss your target based on just being lazy and not lining up the shot. Exactly and so folks in summary what we did today again a very quick tip on how to align to the target. He is going to take the ball, he is going to put his ball and another and he is going to look for a target maybe 2 or 3 feet in front of that ball and align it to where he is going too. So it could be a tree, it could be a bunker or it could be the actually flag that he is going to that really doesn’t matter.

Eddie let’s show them again one last time how we do this and again folks he is going to take it from here, he is going to put a ball in front of the actual ball that’s on the ground, line it up with the target and go from there. Alright Eddie let's give it a whirl, there you go and boys and girls that was one heck of a shot.

So Eddie we really appreciate your time and helping us over here. Folks that could help you hopefully just a quick tip in terms of alignment, hopefully it does help you on your next time out. Practice out on the range, give it a try and let us know what you think. Until we meet again thanks for being with us on BombTech Golf academy.


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