How to clean your golf driver

How to clean your golf driver.

Golf drivers are not particularly cheap and for this reason alone you should want to keep your equipment relatively clean. Some excessive dirt and ball marks can hinder distance and impact performance, but some dirt will not be life or death for your golf game.

So how do you clean your golf driver? The majority of golf drivers on the market today have some type of paint finish, whether it is a PVD static paint or a traditional type of paint. These paints can be scratched if not cleaned with care.

Equipment required

1. Soap - standard household dish soap works well

2. Plastic bristle brush or toothbrush - cleans grooves well and doesn't harm the paint

3. Lint free rag or paper towels

As simple as cleaning the dishes, just add a small amount of soap (teaspoon or less) to a half gallon of water or more depending on how many clubs you are looking to clean. Simply soak the brush in the solution and clean the golf driver vigorously. Dry your golf driver off with your lint free rag...And PLACE IT BACK IN YOUR BAG! Don't be the guy that leaves his clean golf clubs at home the next time he is looking to play.

Preventive tips: To keep your club face free from scratches, always clean your golf balls from dirt. Hitting dirty golf balls, especially at the driving range or cut up golf balls is a sure way to damage the paint job on your golf driver face.

Keep your clubs clean and hit em long!

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