Ideal golf driver swing weight?

Ideal golf driver swing weight?

D1, C7, D4 - Swingweight designations. What does it mean and should you care?

First, what is swing weight? Actually swingweight (one word)

It is not a standard measurement parameter but a ratio of weight distribution. The ratio is the bottom 2/3 weight to the 1/3 of a golf driver or golf club. This is not an exact science but it can be useful in helping golfers determine how much they can "feel" the weight in the club head during a swing.

Lighter or lower swingweight golf drivers tend to fit slower swing speeds and require less effort to swing. A heavier or higher swing weight typically offers better feel and fits faster swing speed players. The swingweight measurements can be used as a point of reference to determine how heavy or light a golf driver feels to the golfer swinging them.

Swingweight or "feel" is why we use golf shafts with varying weights. Our golf shaft weights, for example: Regular flex 60 grams, Stiff flex 62 grams. Using variable shaft weights creates a swingweight that feels good for each golfers swing speed.

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  • I am a 72 year old senior looking for driver with swing weigh a round D 0

    richard on

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