Hi this is Jeff Crittenden, I am a current teaching pro. I am a PGA member, I just won the 2017 world long drive master’s division, with a 383 yard drive.

Today we are going to talk about chipping and how to hit a chip shot. Today I have my favorite chipping club the 9 iron, you can use a pitching wedge or a 7. My goal for this shot is to get it on the green and let it roll to the flag. I don’t want to fly it to the flag, get it on the ground, let it roll. Is it easier to hit a shot, hit a spot 10 feet away or 50 feet away? It is easier to hit the one that is 10.

I am going to set up, I am going to lean forward, put the ball back in my stance, weight on my front foot, hands forward. I am going to be relatively really close to the golf ball. If anything, I can have the toe up in the air. Then my motion is kind of more of a putting where it is back and forth type of shot. It is going to be hitting on a descending blow. The key is let the club bounce, if the club bounces you’re probably going to hit a good shot. If you do not bounce the club, if club and ground don’t hit, probably not going to be a good shot. Club ground, I am going to set up, I am going to set up into here, lean forward, back, just a little shot hits on the green rolls about 20 feet. Thank you.


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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