How Far Should I Hit Each Golf Club? | Quest for 80 Ep. 3

What is up guys, what is up YouTube Sully here, BombTech Golf. Episode 3 Quest for 80, it is 24 degrees out today, not letting that bullsh*t hold us back. So my goal today since it is April is to just figure out my distances so I have a better idea of what clubs to choose from where.

Last year I really had no concept, or I thought I knew how far I hit certain clubs and they were not really what they should. So today I am going to go through different gaps in my bag and just get a rough idea and write down as of today, 24 degrees, limited flight, just a rough estimate of what I am going to be hitting from each distance.

60 Degree Wedge: 70 yards

56 Degree Wedge: 90 yards

52 Degree Wedge: 105 yards

Pitching Wedge: 125 yards

9 Iron: 140 yards

8 Iron: 150 yards

7 Iron: 165 yards

6 Iron: 175 yards

5 Iron: 190 yards

4 Iron: 200 yards

3 Driving Iron: 215 yards

9 Degree Driver (Stiff Flex): 250 yards

3 Wood (Stiff Flex): 235 yards

4 Hybrid: 210 yards

Quick recap this is my bag I am playing 9 degree driver, 3 wood stiff, 4 hybrid, 3 driving iron, 5 through wedge, and full set of wedges. That’s the bag, I need a putter, I know someone in the group is selling one. Alright episode 3 Quest for 80 distances are on lock. Episode 3 Quest for 80… hey yo, yo subscribe dude!


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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