How to Make the Correct Golf Backswing

Today we are going to talk about backswing and how far you take it back. What is the proper, maybe too far, and what’s maybe not far enough. Everyone is different some people are more flexible; some people are stronger.

In the backswing when you set up you want your shoulders to turn until you cannot turn anymore. Which is usually up to 90 degrees and at that point when your shoulders stop your hands stop. If I turn back and do this that is not gaining me any power. I want to turn my shoulders, when my shoulders stop my hands stop. Any extra motion with the hands up in back is going to throw your timing off, it’s going to be harder to hit and you’re probably going to lose power in the swing. Your golden swing is when your shoulders stop turning you want your hands to stop.

Now if you do not have a lot of shoulder turn out there, just make sure you turn as far as you can and keep the club on plane. That would be back in this direction, less turn you still want to get the club in. If I can only turn a little way, out here is probably not going to be the spot for you, need to get the club back behind you if your shoulder turn isn’t 90 degrees.

In my swing I only go probably to parallel, which is probably about right here or a little past, depending how flexible I feel that day. I have nowhere near a long drive swing compared to some of my competitors. Just remember when the shoulders stop turning the hands stop up here. Thank you.


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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