Roast my swing, roast my golf swing, roast my swing, roasted… Episode 6, 7, or 8 I don’t know, let’s call it 7. Matt Gard, we are on the course today 24 degrees, on Tuesday at 12:46 pm precisely send us this f***ing beautiful video from Fort Recovery, Ohio. He says since we are having a little roast session let’s roast my uncle, LOL. Alright Matt let’s roast it!

Is he using a putter? I got his uncle here I am on the set up, he is at TopGolf never been there. Would love an invite, if you guys know anyone put in a good word. Looks like a beautiful night, he has got you know some clothes on… Can you roast me on roast my swing? Alright so he has got ripped jeans on, definitely doesn’t look like he is trying to have that look. Ripped in his pocket area so his keys are definitely going to fall out, hoodie on, hat, stretching real far. He looks like he is wearing a hoodie that is too short, sleeves are not covering up his arms. He has got a wedge of some sort, he is taking it, set up, backswing.

Definitely has never swung a golf club before, takes it back, out, looks like he has no idea what is going on, completely shanks it.

Alright so Matt Gard’s uncle LOL, at TopGolf, ripped jeans, got a wedge, has never golf before no chance. He makes impact and shanks it 90 yards right and almost kills someone. Roast my Swing episode 7 I mean dude this is a bad one, this is what I expect out of Roast my Swing. We are going to give Matt Gard’s uncle LOL on Roast my Swing episode 7 we will give him a 3.9. Because we have got ripped jeans, he brings the club out like he has never held a golf club in his life as if it is like a rabid cat or something, dangerous. Then at impact it looks good, shanks it, almost kills someone, he probably owes them a beer or 10 for that. You know what, what I say 3.7, episode 7, 3.7 Matt Gard’s uncle send us another video this time with driver. Roasted 3.7!


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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