How to hit long distance drives consistently.

How to hit long distance drives consistently.

I get it. All golfers want to hit long distance drives. But how do we hit those long distance drives consistently. Well the two most obvious answers are practice and fitness. But if you don't have the time and energy to be working out all week and time to practice all week it is tough to hit it longer and most importantly hit it more consistently.

The reason for the picture above is the answer to the question, go short to go long? What do I mean? Golf driver length is the least discussed topic in golf because the large golf driver manufacturers can't easily adjust their golf drivers that are sold in stores. So they make the longest possible length that most golfer can hit long, some of the time.

In recent years the golf driver manufacturers have extended those lengths, some golf drivers on average are now 46, 46.5 inches in length and others all the way up to 48 inches. This allows the companies to claim that their current driver model is "longer" but longer in the woods, and probably 1 out of 10 shots is hit solidly.

So what happens if you build a golf driver that is shorter than the new "standard" 46 inches or less. Well it becomes easier to hit, which means more balls in the fairway and more often. The shorter driver length allows more golfers the potential to hit the center of the club face which will create a long distance drive. For this reason, the majority of pro golfers play drivers that are 44.5 inches and some like Tiger go as short as 43.5 inches.

Bottom line, center of the club face equals more consistent long distance drives. One way to get there is to go shorter. I am not saying that you will gain 20 yards by going to a 44.5 inch driver, but you will hit more fairways and hit it long more often than not!

And isn't that what we all want?

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