How to stay out of the dog house when buying another new golf club

Have you ever been in the dog house for buying a new golf club? 

I talk to hundreds of customers a day and many of them say, I would love to get a new golf driver but I don't want to be in the dog house.

Let's learn from the best.  I asked our fans on Facebook, Twitter and GolfWRX what they do when they want a new golf club and want to stay out of the dog house.

Here are  the top responses. I hope this helps you stay out of the dog house!

Mike - "Just buy and deal with the fallout later. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't."

Dave - "Make sure she has an equal investment in her passion as you do in yours. And don't laugh when she has 7 pairs of the same shoes."

Rhody - "1. Rain hood should be over the clubs at all times while the bag is at home. No one in the household should know what your clubs look like except you. That way you can move clubs in and out unnoticed.

  1. New clubs should be bought in person whenever possible. If not, deliveries should be sent to safe address like work or your parents house if they live close by. Mom would never rat you out.
  1. Credit Card bill should be intercepted when there is a purchase on it. No shared bills. If you are not in charge of your own credit card, then you need to be.
  1. You never go for "Club Fittings" attend "Golf Clinics" that the store may be putting on or a "New Product Trial".

Jdubbs - "I believe. That's it is easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission. Thats my motto. LOL."

Gamedaydog -"Definitely pay for things with a PayPal account. Divert funds by getting $10 - $20 in cash back after buying groceries. Ship clubs to PO Box, work, a buddies house and even to the golf course. Lock your friends from commenting on your new clubs on social media."

Lord Helment - "My wife thinks I play with 50 clubs in the bag."

Bryce - "Super secret squirrel account."

Marc - "Buy it, then explain, it's easier to get forgiveness than permission!"

Adam - "Use your old head covers!"

Sean - "Pay Cash."

Mozjo33 - "I have memorized my work address. Unless the boss knows about it, all my secret goodies go to my job, then quietly brought into the house."

wooleeboolee - "Uhhh...I make all the money in our household and I still have ZERO leverage with my golf spending. Meanwhile, it's an "interesting" find when I take a peek inside the recycling trash bin and see a Nordstrom shipping box in there. I keep my mouth shut since I'm whipped. LOL"

Joe Rockhead - "I take it that you have not been married very long and are not familiar with the old 50-50-90 rule*.

That if a husband has a 50-50 chance of being right, there's a 90 percent chance he'll be wrong.

Pick and choose your battles carefully.

*Stolen from Joe Soucheray's Garage Logic.

Other rules of Garage Logic.

The Three Price Rule

1 - The price you paid for the item.

2 - The price you tell her you paid for the item.

3 - The price you pay when she finds out the price you paid.

48 Hour Rule

48 hour rule which states that any male oriented item (such as golf equipment) that you can sneak into the house and is not noticed within 48 hours by your D.A. (Domestic Associate) is yours to keep. If the D.A. does notice the item and complains before the 48 hours are up you probably have hell to pay. After 48 hours you can tell her "that old thing has been here forever.”

There is no definitive guide to staying out of the dog house, obviously!  But, I hope that these comments from our fans will be helpful when you are in search of your next club.

Awesomeguy887 - "Two words ... fake compromise.

It goes like this:

  1. I want a new lob wedge.
  2. I say to wife, "Geez I could really use a new set of irons but they're like $900."
  3. She says, "Yeah that's pretty expensive."
  4. I say, "Yeah maybe I will hold off on the irons for now and just replace my old lob wedge. That's only like $100."

Done deal. You're welcome."

I personally couldn't figure it out, so I just started my own golf company. Haha.

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