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Hi this is Jeff Crittenden, I am a current teaching pro. I am a PGA member, I just won the 2017 world long drive master’s division, with a 383 yard drive.

Today we going to talk about hitting irons. I even hit irons, I am a professional long driver, but I do play golf or used to have a career in golf back a long long time ago. One of the important things about hitting irons is divot control, you have got to have the divot in the right place. When hitting an iron, you want the divot always in front of the golf ball. If I put the divot in the back you are hitting it fat, no divot thin. So the divot always wants to be in front of the golf ball when you are hitting it, very important.

This is a great practice tool for you, set up next to the golf ball, make some swings. Not like that one, more like this, make sure your divot is out in front of the golf ball. You are going to make bigger swings, if your divot is not in front keep swinging taking divots until the divot is in front and that’s where you want it every time. If your divot is in front you’re going to hit the ball solid.

So again divot control, divots are always in front of the golf ball. So when you hit the golf ball then you’re going to take your divot. Ball then ground never ground then ball. Just to review this again, swing hitting the golf ball divot afterwards. To get that divot afterwards, watch my body, where’s my body at impact? All up on my left foot, if I am back here I can’t make the divot in the right spot. So today work on, take practice swings, don’t hit golf balls just make sure that divot is in front of the golf ball. Thank you.

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