New Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Shaft - Now Available

New Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Shaft - Now Available

I have been communicating with Chi Chi Rodriguez over the last few months. I know, Chi Chi Rodriguez right. The first time he called me on the phone, I actually didn't believe it was him. But can you blame me, I mean he is a legend. So, anyways we have been talking and he said he would be willing to try our Grenade golf driver. He is not only a great golfer but understands golf equipment and most importantly understands what he wants. He asked for specific requirements regarding the shaft. I worked with Matrix to build a shaft that would fit his game.

He was so happy with the driver that he has agreed to join team BombTech Golf! A video of his review and why he likes the Grenade golf driver with new Chi Chi Rodriguez Signature Edition Shaft coming soon. Well, not soon enough!

So what is new with the Chi Chi Rodriguez shaft?

The new signature series custom shaft option is lighter than the current Grenade golf shaft. The reduction in weight was designed to increase club head speed and make the Grenade golf driver faster! Often when you make something lighter it becomes less stable, so Matrix shafts and I utilized their HD technology to increase stability and increase butt diameter. This helps with overall feel, accuracy and control while allowing the shaft to be lighter overall.

This lighter shaft helped Chi Chi achieve the extra distance he was looking for.

How does this NEW golf shaft compare to the current Grenade golf driver shaft?

The "stock" Grenade golf shaft by Matrix has proven to be a great fit for the majority of golfers. The shaft is stable, consistent and offers incredible kick. The new shaft offering is certainly NOT going to replace one of the best so called stock shaft options available.

Who should consider the CCR golf shaft?

- Golfers that want to increase club head speed.

- Slow swing speed golfers that are looking for a lighter option.

- If it is within your budget. Making it lighter and adding stability takes extra costs. Other aftermarket shafts that offer similar technologies are sold for as much as the built driver.

Who should not consider the CCR golf shaft?

- Golfers with a very quick transition

- Very high swing speed players. Over 115mph. We do offer an X flex but have found that most golfers with these club head speeds prefer shaft over 75 grams.

Please note, the club head weight is still tour weighted at 199 grams. Offering a lighter head would not be a benefit as you would lose feel and control. In order to make the golf driver faster we made the shaft lighter, not the head.

How much lighter is the CCR signature shaft?

Ladies and Senior flexes were reduced by 5 grams, Regular and Stiff Flexes were reduced by 7 grams and the X flex was reduced by 10 grams.

"HD design refers to the hexadecagonal (16-sided) internal platform on which the shaft designs are built. HD allows for new levels of structural strength. With the stronger 16-cut butt section, Matrix engineers are able to better structure and strengthen the tip section without adding overall weight. At times this even lowers balance points to better match high MOI and low CG heads. The results is a stronger "tip-strength-to-weight" ratio than with any previous Matrix Shaft."

Bottom line, it is our hope that a new shaft option will do just that, give you options! And if you still want even more options, you can always buy the club head as a stand alone component!

Welcome to the team Chi Chi! To make it official, we will be giving away a set of SIGNED Grenade golf club!

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