New fairway woods 2014

BombTech Golf is proud to announce that we are releasing new fairway woods for 2014. Not only new, but they are our first offering using our Dual Cavity design. The same technology was slightly modified to accommodate hitting of the deck. The club head is being produced using a vacuum forging process and high end carpenter marging metal face and sole.

Initial testing on samples have been outstanding. Unbelievable distance, but with unreal accuracy. I personally was hitting the prototype 5 wood 285 yards!

Club face on 3 wood is 0.5 degrees closed and will weigh 211 grams. The same Matrix golf shaft that is used in the driver will be offered in the 3 and 5 wood but will be 10 grams heavier for the R and S flexes.

Thanks for checking out our new fairway woods for 2014. Pictures and videos to come. Release date is set for February 15th, 2014.

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