New Strong 3 Wood For 2016

New Strong 3 Wood For 2016!

I am super pumped to announce that the Grenade 3+ wood is in production. The Grenade 3 wood has been so popular that offering a strong 3 wood was only natural. The Grenade 3+ wood shares the same size, dimension and design as the current Grenade 3 wood. The only difference is loft.  The traditional 3 wood offers 15 degrees of loft and the strong 3 wood offers 13.5* of loft. 

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Here are more specs for you:

We back each custom golf club with a 60 day guarantee. How can we be so confident? We use a vaccuum forged construction process that leads to unmatched product quality and consistency. This production method is further enhanced by our Dual Cavity Design and high end shaft offerings by Matrix Golf. Lastly, we sell direct to you. There is no middle man, which means we can spend more on our materials but still be competitive on price.

Pure Engineering

The Grenade 3+ wood was co-engineered with the University of Vermont's Engineering department. This unique relationship and pure engineering approach created the original Dual Cavity Design. The strong wood is a traditional 13.5 degrees of loft.

The Benefits of the Dual Cavity Design

  • More weight positioned behind the sweet spot
  • Cavities increase accuracy on off center hits.
  • Reduction in drag leads to higher club head speeds

Material and Production Advantage

The Grenade 3 wood is manufactured using a C455 carpenter maraging face plate plasma welded to the body. The face material is vacuum heat treated to allow for a thinner yet durable face that creates higher ball speeds and better feel. Results are extremely high smash factors on pure strikes as well as mis-hits. Designed for all golfers to enjoy, from off the deck to the tee. More weight was distributed to the sole of the club to make hitting out of the rough and poor lies easier.

Support a Local Company

Your golf driver is assembled by hand in Vermont, USA and delivered direct to you.

Grenade Club Head Specs

  • Face Material: Carpenter Marging Alloy
  • Hosel Depth: 34mmd
  • Weight: 211 grams
  • Loft: 13.5 Degrees
  • Face Angle: 0.5*
  • Size: 160cc
  • Lie: 57*

Matrix Grenade Shaft Specs

The Grenade golf driver offers a high performance aftermarket quality shaft for its "stock" shaft. The Matrix Grenade shafts employ the most advanced flag design and layup method of any shaft in its class and widens performance characteristics, ensuring greater coverage of player types than were previously achievable. Launch and spin progressively lower as flex stiffens.


Pure Pro Standard Grip

Featuring a firm grip with uniform traction groove surface, the Puro Pro grip is great for players who prefer a rougher feel maximum feedback and alternative to cord grips. This is our standard offering.


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  • Looking for a strong 3 wood
    Seen the Grenade- what size is the head and what shaft can I get??

    Bobby Osborne on

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