Where can I try the Grenade golf driver?

Where can I try the Grenade golf driver?

There is not a day that goes by, that I am not asked this question. So really, where can you try the Grenade golf driver? The answer is nowhere. So, why is the answer nowhere. I started this company with one goal in mind, to offer premium golf drivers direct to consumer (you). This direct approach allows me to offer you a 2 piece plasma weld driver head, high end matrix shafts and customization for less than $300.  Which is between $150-$400 less than other major golf driver companies. You get more for your money. 

I understand that having the opportunity to swing the Grenade golf driver is extremely important. For this reason, I offer a 60 day on course guarantee. The on course guarantee was designed to give you time on your course. Because hitting a golf driver into a net or at one demo day is no way to get a feel for a new golf driver. And instead of 30 days...I really really want you to swing the Grenade. I have found that the more time you have with it, the higher likelihood you will love it! The return rate of our golf drivers is less than 5% compared to other ecommerce stores that have a 17-30% return rate!

I hope this helps bring clarity to the question, "where can I try the Grenade golf driver." 

What do you think?

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