Non-Conforming Golf Drivers - The Controversy

First let me say that our all of our custom golf clubs and golf drivers are designed to be USGA legal. 

I personally would never ever play one...I mean ever!

So, would you play a Non-Conforming Golf Driver? 

I asked this question to my Facebook followers and there is a clear divide between those that would play a non-conforming golf driver and those that would NEVER EVER play an illegal driver. Some golfers are so passionate about the game and the rules that they would never think of playing one, while other golfers play just for fun and have no issue with teeing up something non-conforming.

I want to clear the air on non-conforming golf drivers and actual distance.  So, a hotter face MAY help with distance but a better production process with superior energy transfer can outperform an illegal golf driver!  I actually tested a few HIGH COR golf drivers against the Grenade and the Grenade golf driver outperformed the illegal golf drivers.  The dual cavity design combined with the 2 piece construction made it impossible to beat.  I was a little surprised because Illegal golf drivers are suppose to outperform anything that is conforming. But in this case, the Grenade won!

Anyway you look at it, the debate regarding conforming versus a non-conforming golf drivers is a passionate one. I personally always play clubs designed to be USGA legal golf clubs, but that doesn't mean I am every golfer either. 

Here is what my Facebook fans said.

Douglas Nasur - YESSSSSS!!!!!!!

Ken Howald - absolutely not

James Murphy - In a tourney no.......for fun? Sure. Why not. Its just a fun goof around round of golf.

Jason Cherpak - Under certain circumstances - Absolutely. The problem is most non-conforming equipment wouldn't help me to be any straighter....just longer... And that's not my objective.

Brad Demott - For fun I played with a hockey stick so why no horse around. Golf is supposed to be fun right.

Bob Bronkhorst If it was more forgiving.... Nah still no

Randy Siltzer - As long as I'm not in a USGA sanctioned event.

Xander Dobreff- I would for sure ! Just not in tournaments

Tom Burrows -No way

Gordon Steen - Not much point.

Austin Hunter - I have push the limits before so why not for fun

Keith Law - Would be fun to try it

Wallace Stine - Why on earth would a legitimate equipment manufacturer ask this question? What a joke....

Mitchell Thurman - No never

Shawn Pope - no

Jake Taylor -No

Rob Piña - no

Kenneth Magness - Yes

Alex Sotelo - Leisure time yes

Steve Zastrow - Depends on what it is..I played with a 51 inch driver and was pissed when they the length was changed to 48...

Steve Paine - Nope...have never even given it a thought...

Joe Williamson - Hell no! If you cheat in golf you only cheat yourself.

Daniel Quid - If I was a recreation player that was never going to play an event maybe. Me myself no.

Chris Burleson - The Real Question??? Why do you ask??? Got something up your sleeve???

Jason Herrmann - Sure why not

Rob Zimmerman - If I wanted to get DQ'd from tournaments I compete in: absolutely!

Stephen Howell - Yes. ..but not in a tournament. ..not that I play many. ..

Sean Delaney - Yep

John Sabourin - Of course i would. I'm not a Pro, and i don't play in tournaments where a handicap is needed, and money is given away as a prize.

Jeramy River's Edge - Tempting but NO WAY!!

Mike Snow - hell yeah yeah yeah yeah

Tony Korologos - NO

Mike Broderick - Why not your still going to miss hit it at times , no one is perfect,

Daniel Muffler- I’m not a pro. Get me the good stuff. I need all the help I can get.

Chris Bizaillon - No way.

Kenneth Sharpe - Yes yes why not? I'm not on tour!

Bobby Buskey - Nope

Craig Essick - Yes.

Randy Edley - Same ones saying no, also don't improve their lie or use mulligans... Golfers are worse than fishermen

Joe Gendron – But I love the idea of selling them. If the price point is correct. I would love for those amateurs who play only a handful of times a year to be confident with a driver. I don't see any harm in making the game more enjoyable for them. I say make it!!!

Joe Gendron- I wouldn't because it doesn't make much difference. My buddy has one and I hit it a few times last year. Only gained 5-8 yards.

Edmund Cruz - NO!

Zachary Axelton - Nope.

Jerry Noe - You're damn right. I'm not on any pro tour, no one pays me or gives me free clothes, shoes or equipment.

Mark Ingram - In a fun round with my friends, sure. I wouldn't cheat everyone else in a tournament by playing it.

Michael Sweater - Vest McGarry Not a chance

Ben Ignaszak - Only at the range

Chuck Salerno - No, I played fast pitch and modified fast pitch softball and guys cheated and used shaved bats that were non conforming.

It cheats everyone else...

Robert Barrios - If I was playing Mitchell Thurman yes.

So what do you think? Would you ever play a non-conforming golf diver? Would it help grow the game?

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