OnCore Golf ELIXR and AVANT | Golf Balls Unboxing

Yo what’s up guys Sully here, delivery dude. I shot out a tweet the other day on Twitter saying, “Yo what golf balls should I rock this season?” I got this package free of charge from the boys at OnCore, let’s see what they sent us here Nick. We got a sick hat, I don’t know if I am going to rock the baby blue you know green is my color. Thank you, guys that is pretty sick, 3D print, New Era. Then we have got 3 dozen, woah dude they know how straight I hit and they know I need all 3. We have got Elixr, 2 Elixr’s and 1 Avant. I hit the original OnCore man how long was that 3 years ago, the hollow metal core one?

I know nothing dude about these balls, straight up I love you guys. Let’s see what the deal is so I know these are brand new. Exceptional COR means it is going to be hot for long. Super accurate, high density that is to technical. Enhanced perimeter weighting, premium cast urethane this is sick dude. Conforms to the USGA and RNA rules. There it is the Elixr, so we have got 2 dozen of these I am going to put these in play and I am actually going to do a full review. Thank you guys, just wanted to shoot a quick video today, thank you for sending me 2 dozen, you guys have no faith in my game, Elixr’s and 1 box of the Avant if I am saying that right. Thank you guys, appreciate you check them out at OnCoreGolf.com and full review upcoming, just wanted to give you a heads up!


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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