Seven guilt-free enjoy your golf game tips

Seven guilt-free enjoy your golf game tips

There's too much guilt in this world without you having to feel guilty that you didn't play as well as you wanted to on the golf course. So save your guilt over that extra bit of cake that you maybe shouldn't have had, and enjoy these seven guilt-free tips to enjoy your golf game each and every time you play.

  1. Listen to music: Bring your iPod next time you play, and listen to some fun tunes while you golf. This can re-energize you and make the game more casual and informal, upping your enjoyment.
  2. Go nine: When 18 holes seems like a drag, spend a while playing 9-hole games instead. It may refresh your perspective.
  3. Lighten up: Lightening up your load can help. Leave all the clubs behind and just take 4-5 of your most reliable clubs next time you play. When you don't have your arsenal of clubs, you're forced into extra creativity, which can unlock fun.
  4. Be realistic: While it is natural to want to improve your golf game, many golfers just aren't realistic about the pace of making improvements. Be realistic about what you can accomplish instead of being so hard on yourself.
  5. Stay in the present: If you beat yourself up about that fifth hole, you won't be having fun. Remain in the present; take a break from your past mistakes.
  6. Change your companions: Trying a round of golf with some new companions may refresh your perspective and your attitude.
  7. Stop keeping score: Sure, most golfers wouldn't dream of hitting the course without keeping score but that is exactly why this can help you have more fun! Just take the scoring out of it for a day and see if you don't leave the course with a smile.

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