Should he be swinging a ladies flex? | Roast My Golf Swing Ep. 5

Roast my swing Episode 5! Dennis Lynch from snapchat. Here we go first take, pink shirt looking good, hands up, hands tight, new grip. He is playing from the black tees, he teed up in front of the tees, big no no. So negative one. We have got a massive fence in the background looks like a backstop with nothing behind it, sketchy minus two. He is getting ready, little waggle, his elbow looks dislocated. He has got something in his mouth, backswing like me, breaks his elbow. He is a big dude that happens, gets ready.

He is about to rip it, good impact position, hooks the crap out of it, in the woods, hits a house. Yes! Murdered, past the red tees I don’t know. Holding the finish, looking for the ball it’s so far, fist pump looking good. Has a tee in his mouth the whole time, takes his other tee up or is that a cig I don’t know. Something is in his mouth. All black shoes, black socks good look. Pounds a beer, dude that’s week, PBR. Some weird music in the background.

Hopefully he is playing a lady’s flex, let’s see. His hands, he is like this, I don’t even know how you get your arms like that dude. Dislocates both elbows, dude come on lean into it, you’re supposed to bomb it! It is a BombTech so that is plus ten so now we are at 8. I like the hold finish, beer at the end. Roast my swing, I don’t know man, what’s his name Dennis Lynch? His girlfriend sent it in, I think she is going to by some clubs now. Alright so here is the deal he is drinking a tall boy, he has got a Grenade 2 9 degree, elbows dislocate, sketchy little fence in the background, definitely hooks it out of bounds and acts like it is in play.

Dennis.. Dennis.. Dennis thank you brother for the support and business, I am going to go 5.9. Roast my Swing episode 5, 5.9!


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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