Steel golf shafts vs. Graphite golf shafts

Steel golf shafts vs. graphite

As technology changes, so does our options. Steel was the only option years ago, but now graphite has become the standard material for golf drivers. Where as steel still is most popular for golf shafts in irons, wedges and putters.

Let's talk about the few things to consider when looking at steel golf shafts vs. graphite.

The first graphite shafts that were released on the market were extremely high torque and were tough to hit with accuracy. As the technology has improved so has the performance. Tighter graphite weaves and higher density products have allowed for lighter graphite golf shafts that can be swung with speed and accuracy.

It is very unlikely that you will find any new golf drivers with steel shafts as an option. The added weight can't offer the same distance potential as graphite. The only golf clubs that I would consider having the debate of steel versus graphite for is your irons or even putter.

I currently game a set of irons with steel shafts but have been considering switching to graphite. Although they will be lighter than steel, I am looking at a "heavy" graphite option. The new technology allows golfers to swing their irons with ease and still maintain low torque and head twisting at impact. For irons, I would ask the question, why not graphite?

Steel and graphite are now not the only golf shaft options now available. Newer shaft options such as Grafalloy BiMatrix and UST Frequency Putter shaft combine both graphite and steel. These combination shafts are an attempt to offer the best of both worlds. I have personally tested the Grafalloy BiMatrix and have had good results with torque and accuracy but lacked distance of a pure graphite shaft. Bubba Watason currently plays a combo shaft which works well for his game.

Bottom line...Graphite is king in woods and steel is dominate in irons, putters and wedges.

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