Step Up Your Game With Custom Fairway Woods By BombTechGolf

An Overlooked Mistake Most Amateurs Make

Have you ever thought about getting your fairway woods customized to improve your overall game? Well, you should start thinking about it, and get it done with BombTechGolf before your next tee time! I've found that most amateur golfers have three myths buried in their minds when it comes to their golf clubs.

They are content with their, "Off the Rack," clubs, and assure themselves that they need to work on technique and not worry about any club customization.
They think that buying new clubs is the answer. They buy any new, brand name fairway wood, thinking it will help their slice or draw. Or maybe even give them better contact and power when trying to reach the green in two.
Most amateurs believe custom fitting is only for the pros or golfers with low handicaps. A lot of people don't even consider it!
While learning and practicing better technique is something every golfer should do, and getting a cutting edge fairway wood won't hurt you either, there's something else golfers can do that will all together help their mid-range game the most. The answer, my fellow golfers, is getting yourself fitted for custom fairway woods. No matter what level of golfer you are, BombTechGolf can successfully improve your mid-range game by customizing your fairway woods. It's actually been said that the higher handicap you are, the more in need of custom woods you will be.

Problems that Arise by Using Clubs that Aren't Fitted

With your regular or brand new fairway woods that aren't fitted to you, a lot of variables come into play that you may not think about. The shaft may be too long, making your stance at address automatically more upright or further away from the ball. Before you even swing the club you have already hampered your chances at making a good golf swing.

Another issue is shaft stiffness. Your regular woods, or newly purchased ones, may have the stiffness you think you need, but without getting custom fairway woods, you are just guessing. This incorrect stiffness of the shaft again will stifle your golf swing before you even take the club out of the bag.

What to Expect When Getting Custom Fairway Woods

Besides the fact that a lot of golfers think that only the pros should get custom fit clubs,(which is absolutely not the case), they also don't want to spend the time it takes to customize, or know how to go about getting this done for themselves.

BombTechgolf utilizes a state of the art manufacturing process, using a C455 carpenter maraging face plate plasma, that's welded to the body. This alteration will allow better hits out of the rough, and bad lies. Another great thing is if you're not 100% satisfied they will exchange your product for a better fit, or return for your money back.

Now that you know what custom fairway woods can do for you, do yourself and your golf game a favor, and get your woods custom fitted. To get started, check out BombTechgolf's website, or you can contact us here.

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