Stiff vs. Regular Golf Shafts

Stiff vs. Regular Golf shafts

So what is the difference between Stiff and Regular golf shafts?

In a basic sense, regular golf shafts are more flexible then stiff golf shafts.  I'm pretty sure you figured that out already. As you guessed, golf shaft manufacturers make a variety of flex options for golfers to choose from. Regular and Stiff Golf shafts are by far the most popular, but you can choose from other options such as Senior or Extra Stiff.  

Golf shaft manufacturers measure shafts with a frequency machine. The flex measurement is then determined based on CPMS or cycles per minute. Higher quality golf shafts offer tight tolerances to insure the proper flex is offered to the golfer. The challenge for the average golfer is that measurement practices can vary between companies.  

This makes choosing a golf shaft flex even more difficult.  Our golf shafts are manufactured by Matrix Golf in USA and each golf shaft is within 1 CPM of our desired flex goal. This insures you get a stiff flex when you order one, likewise a regular when you order one and so on.

Playing the proper flex for your game will help optimize your distance and accuracy potential. Playing a golf shaft that is too stiff will lead to decreased distance. In addition to losing yards off the tee, you may experience a low and right ball flight since you aren't flexing the golf shaft properly. 

Playing a golf shaft that is too shaft is less damaging than playing a golf shaft that is too stiff.  Playing a regular flex shaft when you need a stiff may increase your distance and increase hang time, but may lead to inconsistent ball flight and an occasional high right shot.  Most golfers are playing shafts that are too stiff, ego has a lot to do with it. 

Stiff vs. Regular Golf shafts - The only debate should be which flex is best for your game and why?

The easiest way to find which golf shaft flex will fit your game is to fill out my free online fitting tool. 

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  • Would like to know which iron option is best for me between stiff or regular

    Brian Goodwin on
  • 59 years old learning to play golf what shaft is recommended

    Brooks Collier on

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