The 3 keys to hitting straight drives

The 3 Keys To Hitting Straighter Drives 

I speak to hundreds of golfer's a week. Out of these hundred's of golfers a week, you may be surprised to hear that about 60-70% of them tell me they want to hit straighter drives. Everyone talks a big game on distance, but who cares if you hit it 300 yards in the woods.

Straighter drives usually mean better contact, and better contact means a higher smash factor and a higher smash factor means more distance anyways!

So, is there a key to hitting straighter drives?

Well, Yes. There are a number of things you can do to hit it straighter. Use these tips when you have first tee jitters, in a high pressure situation or just have a tight fairway to hit!

1. Choke Down

If you normally hold your grip all the way at the butt end of the grip, choke down 1-2 inches. A choked down grip will give you more confidence and is an easy thing to do when you need to hit those straight drives. It is sometimes the smallest things that make the biggest difference and I have found that this tactic to be one of the easiest and quickest ways to hit it straighter.

2.Shorten your Backswing

Don't take a full backswing. That's right! Getting your arms to 3/4 of your full swing will still give you good distance, but will allow you to maintain better control to hit those straighter drives. I have done extensive testing on a 3/4 backswing and a full backswing, the distance lost to swing 3/4 is marginal. As golfer's tend to hit it more solid with a shorter backswing which leads to those higher smash factor numbers we spoke about earlier.

3. Pick a Target - Yea you gotta aim somewhere!

Find your target landing location and then visualize a line going from the golf ball to the target. Use this line to pick out a spot that is 6 inches out front of your golf ball. Focus on hitting your golf ball over that spot 6 inches away. Picking a target that is in your sight during the swing makes aiming much easier.

These 3 basic tips will help you hit straighter drives. Try them out and let us know if these keys helped you hit more fairways!

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