The over sophistication of an already sophisticated game

Does anyone think golf is easy?

That was a rhetorical question. Golf is hard and as a golfer I am always looking for equipment and/or technology that will improve my game. If it wasn't hard, then there would not be such a huge market for golf equipment, training aids and gadgets. Many of these training aids, range finders and golf clubs (specifically golf drivers) are an actual help to your game but some are over sophisticating an already sophisticated game.

What do I mean?

The golf swing evolves and changes with almost every swing. Only the best golfers in the world have a repeatable golf swing, well until they make a swing change. So why are we tweaking golf drivers to our swing that is changing and IMPROVING. Please note there is a certain shaft flex, loft and length that will help with your game but using a wrench isn't the right way.

And is anyone actually using these wrenches to change weight, hosel, loft, swap out shafts and more...

I have an unique vantage point because I talk to thousands of golfer's a week and it is clear that over 90% that have bought an adjustable driver either don't know to adjust it or don't bother.

For the 10% that are constantly adjusting your driver, is that actually helping your game or giving you more excuses than reasons to shoot lower?

I felt obligated to talk about the recent push for over sophistication in the golf driver market, because it is not what the golfer wants. Golf isn't easy and becoming one with your equipment takes practice and lots of it. Adjusting your driver isn't a way to increase confidence or improve your game, but it is a way for companies to market to their same driver head shape as different. Just because your new driver has more weights, more screws, more gravity cores, more things to mess with doesn't make it better for the golfer or for the scoring.


Bottom line. 

Golf is tough enough without marketing influence, wrenches and over sophistication of equipment.

What do you want to see from new golf equipment?

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