What do I need to build golf clubs?

What tools do I need to build golf clubs?

This is a short must have list to answer the questions, what do I need to build golf clubs?

Once you have all the appropriate golf components and tools then we can actually starting building your golf clubs. But fist let's start clearing of space in the garage, basement or office and get the correct supplies.

Golf Components:

  •  Club head
  •  Golf shaft
  •  Golf grip
  •  Ferrule
  •  Club head cover (optional)

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Tools and supplies:

  •  Epoxy
  •  Grip tape
  •  Grip solvent
  •  Sand paper (preferably a belt sander)
  •  Hacksaw (preferable a chop saw)
  •  Ferrule installer tool
  •  Hammer
  •  Club ruler
  •  Paper towels (preferably epoxy cleaning solvent)

This is a very basic list of what you need to build your own custom golf driver. There are various additional tools such as a club makers vise, spine alignment tools, swingweight scales and much more that will make your club building experience easier.

What tools do I need to build golf clubs? Check...Now it is for the fun part, the actual building of your own golf club. Don't worry, it is a fairly easy process.

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