What is the proper tee height for a golf driver?

What is the proper tee height for a golf driver?

A few factors come into play when finding a proper tee height for your golf game. First factor is the size and height of your golf driver. With today's large 460cc club heads a longer tee is almost always required.

As a general rule of thumb for standard shots, half of the ball should be above the face of the club head. This will insure upward angle of attack and good control. To increase distance and control, it is recommended to tee the ball down slightly. Hitting a golf drive with the lower half of the face typically insures more control and accuracy.

Conversely, teeing the golf ball high. Some golfers as high as 4 inches!! Will allow you to generate a high launch angle and insure and upward strike is achieved. This is many reasons why long drive professionals use 4 inch golf tees that are barely teed into the grown. I like to equate it to teeing up on from the first floor versus teeing up from the second floor. Having an initial higher starting point is a great way to achieve maximum distance, but can cause more accuracy issues.

Use this guidelines and practice at the driving range to find a proper tee height that fits your golf game and your goals.

Side note: USGA legal maximum allowable tee height is 4 inches.

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