What length golf driver should I use?

What length golf driver should I use?

The topic of golf driver length is rarely discussed, as many golf companies can't adjust the length of their golf drivers once the club is built. Every year golf drivers are becoming longer and longer. It was only a few years ago that golf drivers were 43.5 to 44 inches in length. Now most off the shelf golf drivers are 46 to 46.5 inches in length. The introduction of light weight equipment has allowed this trend to continue, but is it the right move??

My answer is NO. Yes, golf companies can build golf drivers to longer lengths and maintain normal swing weights but how does it perform for most golfers. The majority of golfers and even low handicappers struggle with longer clubs. The longer you go the more difficult it is to hit it consistently and hit it square.

If that is the case, why are golf companies going longer. The longer you go the more "potential" you have for distance. Keyword there is potential, as a longer shafted golf driver will allow you to hit it farther, but only if you can hit it square. For most golfers, just hitting it square consistently is a challenge enough.

So in a basic theory, the longer your golf driver is the more POTENTIAL you have for increased distance. Likewise, the shorter you go the more accuracy and control you are likely to gain. This basic concept is why many pro golfers play golf drivers that are 44 to 44.5 inches in length. (Tiger plays a 43.5 inch driver). Because for these professionals, the potential for distance is not important if they lose any accuracy or control.

On the flip side, this concept is why many long drive golfers use golf drivers that are 48 inches in length!! I have hit many 48 inch golf drivers in my day and I would never bring it on the golf course. Well unless I had 20 golf balls in my bag...

Next time you are talking golf equipment, consider golf driver length and how it can impact your game.

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