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What do you think about music on your golf cart?

I recently asked this question on Facebook.

"What do you think about music on your golf cart?"

I was surprised by the strong reactions from those golfers that enjoyed music and those that didn't. 

I personally enjoy music when I'm doing almost everything, so music on the golf course seemed like a no brainer. But at this point in my golf career, I play for the enjoyment and I think music could add to my overall experience. Don't get me wrong, I like to shoot low scores but I wouldn't mind doing it with some music in the background. But, I would be opposed to music when everyone is so close that the music from each cart could be heard. I am not into the idea of an on the course remix.

Last thing. Everyone in the golf industry is looking for a way to grow the game.  This may help create some excitement and get those 20 something's on the course..Maybe not, but it couldn't hurt!

This is what my Facebook fans had to say.

David Woods - I love music. I've had a successful Dj business for 15yrs. But this is why they make headphones. It has no place on golf carts. Blanton disrespect and disregard to those around you. Golf is a game of etiquette and I don't need someone jamming in the next fairway while I'm trying to make a putt

Ed Murr - As long as the rest of your group isn't bothered by it and it isn't so loud as to disturb other groups of golfers around you, what harm could it do?

Sam Martin - Not a fan. I love the quietness of a course. The birds chirping and hearing golf balls hit is my music

Jay Bracero - As long as it doesn't distract others on the course, why not.

Eric Cuppett - I love it. Wish more people would accept it.

Rich Wallace - "This is golf not a rock concert people" go back to your shanties!

Josh Tankersley - Too funny

Rich Wallace - At least someone got it

Kevin Bennison - Totally unacceptable!

Chad Crochet - Better than listening to your friend trash talk your game!!!

Duane Waldrop - I like a little music in the background. It helps take my mind off my swing, stance, etc. Helps me relax. Only drawback is when people have their music screaming loud.

Joe Gendron - No no no. Buy a pair of headphones.

Jerry Noe - NO, it's hard enough to concentrate on a shot when people in their carts behind you come whizzing up blabbing and/or drinking alcohol, cursing and laughing.

Skeeter Wright - No! I'm golfing, not at a dance hall nor a bar etc,

Pete Heiman - I am all for music while golfing, I play it only loud enough that I can hear it while riding in my cart, not after I get out

Sean Cook - Nooooooooooo!

Craig Essick - No

Johnny Norris - No thanks

Tom Burrows - It's cool as long as it's not distracting the rest of the course

Sam Romulo - Yes, it will be fun.

Larry A Alexander - YESSSSS!!!

Douglas Nasur - I agree with David 100%!!! As a former ranger on a golf course, if you want music plug it in your ear's not mine!!!

Steve Paine Word - no

Jacob Mahoney - Why do driving ranges have music??

Mick Joe - Big fan.

Brad Demott - I love it

Diana Benton - I like a little music while I play. Chills and relaxes the day. Not blaring just enough to chill the mind.

Marc Stevens - We do that now

Shawn Pope - I like it at times. Casual round by myself or with some buddies, I enjoy it. Mixed group or serious/competitive rounds...not so much.

Mark Sullivan - Play music all the time make sure people I'm playing with don't mind.

Brad Mcclain - No. Absolutely not.

Marc Painter - Coates In Britain! Not a chance, we've only just moved on from old farts forcing you to wear blazers the whole time!

Troy Suarez - It's the only to play golf... If battery goes dead during the round, I'm done.. I only play with others that like music playing...

Tom Koopman - Distracting. If I'm playing by myself I like headphones. Only I can hear what I'm listening to.

Mickey Clinard I - play for a getaway, not to bring it with me

Mark Belanger - No. Golfed with a guy once who played music the whole time...no wonder he was golfing alone

Austin Farmer - I'm all for it as long as it doesn't distract others. Helps me keep things light and not get too frustrated or overly focused.

Jeff Lane - I love the music but be respectable to others. They can't control the noise of highways, birds, jets or other noise makers, but music kills them, enjoy your round.

Bryan Hollifield - Awesome idea.

Adrian C. Hensley - Wouldn't bother me.

Adam Pladson - I’m not a fan, the last thing I need is more people making noise on the golf course.

Zachary Zschunke - Freaking awesome

Robert LaJoie - No thank you

Michael J Husting - Not a good idea.

Mat Prang - Yep witnessed this first hand and it was ridiculous. Group in front of us when they were on the next tee and we're on the green trying to putt. Not a great idea.

David Woods - How could it not distract those around u? Last time I checked golf carts were completely open

Jacob Mahoney - If a little music makes you lose concentration, there are other things you could be doing with your time...I understand music isn't allowed during tournaments because it's actually considered a swing aid, but for practice with friends it can help groove the swing.

David Woods - The last time I was getting lessons, my pro never said "wait while I turn this music on to get u in "The Grove". Music has no place on the golf course. Wear ear phones. They make me wireless.

David Alvarez - Why not

Vince Campa - Love it!!!!!!

Steve Zastrow - I don't think so...This isn't bowling it's golf

Ziggy Butka - You people are sick!!!!!!!

Kyle Pritchard - Pandora "Joe Walsh radio" is a must!

So, what do you think about music on the golf course?

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