All About Black Golf Iron Sets

Investing in a new set of golf irons is one of the most important moments in any golfers’ life, since irons make your short play a lot easier, more refined, and absolutely enjoyable. That’s why you should look for a high-quality all-black golf iron set for 2022 made by one of the more reputable manufacturers, such as BombTech and their line of 3.0 irons. Once you grip them, you’ll see just what you’ve been missing all this time. 

To choose the best irons for your style of play, you need to learn more about the characteristics and features you should be looking for. However, there’s also a lot to do once you buy them, such as learning how to properly use all of the irons in your set and exploring the different methods for enhancing your game with your new irons. It sounds complicated, but it’s not when you have a good guide through it all. 

Who makes black golf irons?

One of the leading manufacturers of advanced all-black golf irons is definitely BombTech Golf and their 3.0 iron set. This is a company that’s been looking to bring top-quality clubs to all golfers for a long time. Their online-only model allows them to keep their prices low while keeping the performance and the feel of their clubs at an all-time high. 

The best thing about this company is that you have a whopping 60 days to try their clubs out before deciding if they’re a match for you. This way, you get the chance to truly get a sense of each of the clubs and ensure they’re actually going to improve your game, which is a luxury not many manufacturers offer. 

What features should I look for in my black golf irons?

When you’re on the lookout for a set of all-black golf irons that would suit your game, it’s essential to find premium clubs that possess various advanced features that will give you an edge on the golf course. 

These are the most favorable features your golf irons should possess to provide maximum benefits to your game: 

  • 431 step-less stainless steel fats that provide greater shot consistency and feedback
  • Solid weight that allows you to feel the impact and follow-through better
  • An undercut cavity on iron heads used for shifting the center of the club’s gravity to the rear and grants a better moment of inertia
  • Unsupported design of the face enhances the coefficient of restitution over the whole club face
  • A large sweet spot due to higher MOI and deeped CG
  • A forgiving and stable club that allows for easier off-center hits
  • A very generous radius of the sole for easy hits across different turf conditions

What are the characteristics of different irons in a set?

The best way to ensure you’re purchasing the best possible black golf irons is to explore the necessary characteristics each of these clubs should have. This way, you’ll know what to look for in each of the clubs from a set and only buy them once you’re sure they fit the bill. 

Here are the most important attributes of the irons you should look for: 

4 iron

When it comes to your 4 iron, look for one with the loft of 42, lie of 59, and bounce of 2. Also, try to find one that offers the offset of 4 and that’s 38.625” long for best possible performance. Finally, always go for a 4 iron that offers a swing weight of 249. 

5 iron

Your 5 iron should have a loft of 27 and a lie of 60. Also, only purchase this iron if it offers a bounce of 3 with an offset of 4.5 for greater control. The length of the 5 iron should be 38.125” and it should have a swing weight of 256. 

6 iron

The perfect 6 iron needs to have a loft of 31 and a life of 61, alongside a bounce of 3 and an offset of 4. This way, you’ll get the most performance out of your club without sacrificing any of the control. What’s more, look for a club that’s 37.325 inches long and has a swing weight of 263. 

7 iron

The 7 iron in your set of all-black golf irons should have 35 loft, 62 lie, and 3.5 bounce to give you the control you’re looking for. Also, look for a club with an offset of 3.5 and the length of 37.125”. Finally, make sure it offers a swing weight of 270. 

8 iron

An 8 iron needs to have a loft of 39 and a lie of 63, with a bounce of 4 and an offset of 3.5. Anything else would be less than satisfactory. What’s more, ensure this club is 36.625 inches long and that it provides a swing weight of 278. 

9 iron

Your 9 iron should have a loft of 43, with 64 lie and a 5 bounce, combined with an offset of 3. It should also be 36.125 inches long and it needs to offer a 290 swing weight. This way, you’ll make those close shots easy. 

Pitching wedge

Finally, your pitching wedge is one of the most frequently-used iros in your bag. Make sure it offers a 47 loft, 64 lie, 7 bounce, and an offset of 3. This club should be 35.625 inches long and have a swing weight of 298. 

When do I use different golf irons?

The golden rule of using irons is that you should switch to them when you're 200 yards or less away from the green. Another important rule is this – the closer you get to the green, the higher the number of iron you should resort to. 

Also, the lower-numbered irons can be typically harder to hit properly than higher-numbered irons, especially if you’re only starting your journey. All this is something to look out for when choosing which iron from your back you’re going to take. 

How do I hit better irons?

Finally, when you’ve purchased the best black golf irons for 2022 and started using them, it’s important to adopt some tips on boosting your game. Here’s what you can do to hit a lot better with your various irons: 

  • Take your club back easily during your backswing
  • Maintain proper posture throughout the swing
  • Use your entire body to get behind the ball and achieve the distance you need
  • Try taking a divot
  • Stop yourself from helping your ball up and prevent fading shots
  • Try sweeping into contact when you’re using longer irons
  • Take more club than you think might be necessary for the distance you’re aiming for
  • Always make a full backswing
  • Try to set up a bit closer to the ball than you usually would

Where do I find the best all-black golf iron set for 2022?

If you’re only getting into golf, having the right clubs for the job is important, and your set of golf irons is essential for many different scenarios around the course. It’s similar how you should always have a high-quality wedge set with the 52, 56, and 60-degree club. However, if you’ve been playing for some time, you probably have an all-black golf iron set and you should look for single irons with favorable features and characteristics to complete your set. 

From there, it’s important to work on the different aspects of your game as well. First things first, learn everything you can about common golfing terminology. Then, focus on your actual game by learning various tips on mastering golf course management. Finally, see what you can do to prevent yourself from getting injured while golfing and maintaining steady progress. 

However, before you begin with any of this, check out BombTech Golf, your reputable manufacturer of exceptional golf clubs that offer premium performance and feel at a price that won’t make your eyes water. We believe that all golfers, no matter their level of play, deserve only the best. Check out our stock and order your black golf iron set now!

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