What golf driver loft is best for your game?

What driver loft is best for your game?

First let me say, each golf driver is different. But many golfers play too little loft because they are use to playing a 9 or 8.5 degree. So what happens when you play too little of loft. More dispersion and less distance. Playing a higher lofted driver helps with overall accuracy and carry distance.

Many tour players have switched from lower lofted drivers to higher due to these factors. Golf driver technology has also changed and loft has become more important than ever.

The Grenade golf driver has a slightly raised center of gravity. This COG was designed to decrease the ballooning effect. This is achieved, but BombTech golf recommends that you play more loft than normal.

The COG placement creates a up and out ball flight that creates a penetrating and accurate ball flight.

So if you are use to always grabbing a 9 degree, try a 10.5 degree golf driver. You will be amazed what it can do for your game.

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