What is the face angle of a golf driver?

What is the face angle of a golf driver? And what does it mean for your game?

Golf drivers from 2 years ago and before were manufactured with closed face angles from ranging from 0.5 - 2 degrees. A closed golf driver face was thought to help control a slice.

But a closed face angle merely points your club left of target and doesn't solve the problem of hitting a slice. A very closed club face of 1 degree or greater can impact ability to work the ball. The ability to work the ball is hugely important when trying to shape different drives and hit tough shot patterns.

So what do the pros hit? The majority of golf pros on tour play a neutral or open face angle. This allows them to work the ball in all directions with ease. As a closed club face would hurt there ability to work the ball.

What is the right Face Angle for your game? The majority of golfers should be playing a neutral or 0.5 degree closed face. If you are looking to cure a slice through a closed face angle, it will only help but not cure it. And the degrees closed will have to be very strong to truly make any impact.

If you are thinking about face angle and what it means, unless you are playing a fully offset golf driver. I highly recommend playing a neutral club face. You will hit where you are aiming and have the ability to work it like the pros.

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