What Was My Score in My First Round of Golf? | Quest for 80 Ep. 5

Quest for 80 episode what 5? Episode 5, that was more like last round. Alright guys what is up, happy Monday. Sully here owner of BombTech Golf and this is episode 5 of my personal quest to break 80 this year. First round out I shot 39 on a par 35. I did not have the cameras with me to finish my first official 18. So I played my second 9 to finish that and it was rough dude. I was shanking, I haven’t shanked so many balls in a long time. I did get lucky and I shot, I think I finished with a 46. So it was 39 and 46, Nick do the math and show them the number, 85. So first round of the year on the quest for 80 was an 85. I didn’t expect to break 80 on the first round. This is an easy course and it’s only a par 70.

My big thing is I kept shanking last week, so we are back at the range today. My whole thing is to try and keep this elbow in and stay balanced and that’s it. Not trying to over think, it will be our second round of the season coming up, maybe later today. So I am just going to hit a couple of wedge shots, just keep my elbow in and stay balanced. That is my only thought.

So this early in the year like I said I am not trying to think to much technique I am just trying to get feel back, tempo down and stay balanced through the shot.

Another struggle I had was driver. I played back some of the video which is weird for me I never watch the videos. I really was laying off the driver and I was actually decelerating and again I am not trying to get to technical and weird. What I need to do if I am going to swing driver; every other club I swing and hit it, but driver I swing easier. So I am going to try to stay balanced and today I am just going to work on actually swinging through the ball and not slowing down.

After a rough round my only goal is to get confidence back and actually be like alright I know how to play golf a little bit. So all I am going to go through today is the shots I was really failing on and see if I can get comfortable with those. I will honestly be happy second round of the year if I shoot the same score 86 but I hit it better. First round I hit it well, but it was an ugly, ugly 86.

Here we go quest for 80, can’t end on a bad one! One more, this is a disease it’s called driveritis. It’s an addiction, I am addicted to hitting driver. There we go done with driver. Alright going to finish off, this is after our first full round, quest for 80 little range session to get loose. 60 degree wedge, again just today trying to swing balance with some tempo. Just get comfortable for the second round. I was feeling really good after the first 9, too good. I may have to quit on that one, pull the pin and hit that subscribe button!


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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