4 Pre-Round Warm Up Exercises for Golf

The best way to lower your scores in golf, the short game. Hey everybody my names Jorge Arteta, golf professional and instructor and I love, love, love the short game. Come on out with us today and let's see if we can help you lower your scores.

Welcome everyone to BombTech golf academy where today we are going to look at some warm up drills. I know it’s not our favorite thing when we go out onto the course but really everyone if you can get used to just some warm ups you will feel a lot better on the course. Let me show you our first one, you are going to take our arms out, we are going to put our thumbs out and we are just going to do some circles. Make sure that the arms are behind our chest and not over here. This is too easy, and this is the way it should be. So you can see my thumbs are forward and I am just doing circles. Eventually the circles are going to get bigger. This is really just to get your blood circulating, just to get you going at 7:30 in the morning if you have got those early tee times and you’re running a little late. You can still fit this in, even if you go on your second hole and just kind of fit this in. It really does help circulate the blood around. So these are called circles and you can rotate and do them the other way. If you can do that for a minute or two you will feel a lot better, I promise.

The next one we are going to show you, again these are just quick drills, quick exercises you can do in terms of right before you’re golfing, in terms getting warmed up. The next one we are going to put our hands to our temple on our head and all we are going to do is expand out and breathe out and expand your elbows in. So we are going to expand our elbows all the way out and then we are going to try and touch our elbows in the front. In terms of the breathing you’re going to breathe in and then breathe out. If you could do that for a couple minutes, again that is to help circulate your blood. You will start feeling a lot better also.

Let’s do something for our legs, if you can take hold of a golf club and all we are going to do is swing the legs. So here I got the golf club in my right hand and I am swinging the right leg. Just back and forth, you don’t have to go crazy or anything in terms of speed or anything but just let’s get our legs going even just a little bit. Even if you could do this for a minute folks. That was my right leg and here we can do the same thing with the left leg. Again, this is all just to kind of get you warmed, even if you’re running a little late for your round. Try to fit these exercises in and you will be okay.

Now in regard to your golf clubs, a little trick is to take your golf club and put it upside down and put the golf club side of it in your hand and just kind of swing. You’re going to see that it is really, really light, but it’s going to help you kind of feel the club in your hand. So you could do this with your right hand and we can do it with our left hand. Some people use weights they will put weights on the club, that is kind of doing the same thing. From here we are going to turn the club around and when I do this I am going to feel the club head more and I will get a little warmed up in terms of the swing.

So those are 4 exercises folks that are really quick, really simple. But even try them, even when you’re running late for a minute, couples minutes, just 3 or 4 minutes, just something before your round and you can stay warmed up. So in summary the different exercises were first the one with the rotating circles, the second one was breathing in and out of your chest, the third one was holding the club and moving your legs back and forth and the last one was turning the club upside down and just kind of swinging it around before you hit a golf ball. Hopefully these will help you out, we really appreciate your time today, thanks for being with us on BombTech golf academy.


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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