Golf Drivers: How Long Do They Last & When to Replace Them?

Purchasing a new golf driver is a big decision and can be a substantial investment, especially if you’re looking to find the best among 2021 golf drivers, and not just the best driver for the money. What’s more, you need to pay attention that your golf driver conforms to the requirements of the USGA if you plan on doing even mildly competitive play, as well as to pair it with the rest of your clubs without going over the allowed limit.

However, how do you know your driver needs to be replaced? Has your golfing simply advanced beyond the capabilities of your current opening club, or have you started to notice the wear and tear on your driver? Whatever the reason, you should still take a closer look at the signs that your driver needs to be replaced, just to be completely certain, as well as what kind of difference a fresh driver can make for your game, especially if you want the easiest driver to hit.

How long do golf drivers last?

The average golf driver should last an average golfing enthusiast approximately five years with reasonable, moderate use. This usually entails about thirty to forty rounds of golf every year. This leads to the conclusion that players who play less than thirty rounds a year should consider replacing their driver after seven years, while those who play less should not wait longer than four years.

However, sometimes there are other factors that can affect the lifespan of your golf driver, and that usually has to do with new breakthroughs in golfing technology. If there is a significant advancement in club-making, you could choose to replace your driver sooner in order to get the benefits of the most modern 2021 golf driver available for purchase. 

Can a golf driver wear out?

Yes, golf drivers can wear out after a certain period of time, especially if you use it on a regular basis. This is especially true for players who like to hit a couple of buckets of balls before and after their rounds of golf.

Also, golf drivers wear out much faster for more experienced players who are able to achieve higher swing speeds, since they generate more friction and force between the ball and the driver, causing more wear and tear to it. 

Does a new driver make a difference?

The most important factor when purchasing a new driver for many golfers is whether or not it will make a difference and improve their game. That depends on two things – the driver they’re currently using and the driver they’re thinking about purchasing. 

For example, if your current driver is more than five years old, it’s probably become quite worn out and a new one will certainly improve your distance and swing. Also, if you’re upgrading to a modern 2021 golf driver that features some technological advancements, you will surely notice an improvement in many aspects of your drive. 

When should I replace my driver?

Finally, it’s time to take a look at when you should start thinking about replacing your current driver with a fresh one. There are several aspects to consider when making this decision, and here are the four most important ones:

Decrease in distance

If you observe a significant drop in the distance you’re achieving with your current driver, it could mean that the time has come to replace it altogether. Most frequently, this happens because a small crack has developed in the clubface, resulting in decreased distance. 

However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. There are other reasons why you might be experiencing decreased driving distance, and it’s always best to exclude them before purchasing a new driver. These factors are:

  • Temperature: Cold temperatures can reduce your driving distance for as many as ten yards.
  • Injury: Common golfing injuries, such as problems with the elbow, knees, and back, reduce swing speed, and lower distance.
  • Swing path: Choosing to swing on an over-the-top plane lowers driving distance.
  • Elevation: The higher the altitude, the further the golf ball will fly, and changes in altitude can result in changes in distance. 

Visible clubhead or shaft damage

When looking to replace your golf club, you need to inspect the shaft and the head of your club for visible damage. Constant friction can cause vital parts of your club to become worn out, inflicting negative effects on your drives.

Age of the driver

The age of your driver is a good reason to replace it. The older the driver, the greater the potential for damage from regular wear and tear, which negatively affects your driving speed and distance. However, don’t prematurely jump to the conclusion. Drivers can last for five years and longer, so couple the age of your driver with other telltale signs for replacement before reaching a decision. 

Changes in swing

Finally, if you’ve significantly changed the technique behind your swing, you want to purchase a new driver that will perfectly suit your current swing and match your abilities. Otherwise, the improvements you’ve made to your swing will not be as perceivable as they should. 

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