Which golf wedges should I carry?

This is an easy one to answer...BombTech wedges 🤣 but, seriously.

Ok, so let's jump in. Which golf wedges should I carry?

Almost all Iron sets come standard with a pitching wedge.  Which loft can vary from 43-47 degrees of loft which makes the gap to your next wedge important.  Hence the first wedge I will recommend you carry which is the GAP wedge.

Our gap wedge is 52 degrees of loft and is designed to do exactly that.  Fill the gap between your pitching wedge and your sand wedge. For me personally I hit my gap wedge around 115 yards depending on conditions.  That number is only relevant for my specific game, but knowing your distances is key to carrying and hitting the right wedges for each situation.

The next golf wedge you should carry is a sand wedge. Our BombTech sand wedge comes in at 56 degrees of loft.  The sand wedge is arguably the most well-known in the wedge category and is most often used around the greens and in the sand.  The sand wedge never comes out of my golf bag. I hit my 56 degree sand wedge around 105 yards depending on course conditions and wind. 

Lastly, my most favorite golf wedge in the line up is the lob wedge at 60 degrees of loft. Designed to help you get the ball air born fast and land softly on the greens.  There is nothing like hitting a high spinning shot that stops on the green.  I like to hit a full lob wedge from 90 yards. 

The gap, sand and lob wedge is what I would carry on any golf course on any giving day. Having the proper golf wedges in your bag give you options from the fairway, rough and sand.  We also make the world's most insane lob wedge at 72 degrees of loft! This club is designed for those that want to hit the highest and softest landing shots of their life.  Its an optional but fun wedge to throw in the bag. 

To summarize, which golf wedges should I carry?

52 degree gap wedge

56 degree sand wedge

60 degree lob wedge

Which golf wedges do you carry?

Grab our BombTech Golf wedge set before they sell out again.

Thanks for reading. See you on the course. 

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