Why a heavy golf putter?

Why a Heavy Golf Putter?

I was having a one on one discussion yesterday with a former LPGA Pro player about our new made in USA custom golf putter. I thought it was important to tell you what she told me. First off, she liked the putter...Thankfully.

So will a heavy putter be tough to control for distance?

The answer is no....

Our goal was to reduce active hands and create a natural pendulum stroke. It is almost as if the putter will putt itself, you just need to get it in the right direction. Now, won't a heavy putter hit the ball longer? Or be tough to control on fast greens? Well, no and no. The LPGA former pro put it in terms that we can all understand. She explained that there was confusion about weight and the effect on speed. But when you think about it, when you putt with a heavier putter head, it is actually more difficult to speed up the club head too quickly and hit a putt that is 20 feet past the hole. The feel of the "extra" weight allows a golfer to better control distances.

The results we had in terms of distance control on our tests would agree with that statement. 

So to answer the question. A heavy putter will help with distance control! 

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