Why I Founded BombTech Golf

What’s up guys Sully here owner of BombTech Golf and I want to tell you guys why long drive, I love and hate at the same time. Here is the deal before I started BombTech I was obsessed with hitting driver as far as I could. I even at one point built and was swinging 40 drivers in my bag, I didn’t even carry a putter or irons. I would go to the driving range every day and just swing as hard as I could to gain 1 yard, 1 foot, just hit it a little bit farther than the day before. In hindsight it did help me learn how to build golf clubs, figure out different shafts and materials all that fun stuff. But I want to tell you why I love it.

So when I was attempting to become a long driver my highlight was when I was at the Cape Cod local and I hit a drive of 360 yards my longest bomb ever. I did beat the guy that won the senior division that year in like 2010 or 2012 or whatever it was. Then when I went to regionals how far do you think that drive was, let me know in your comments because it was not 360 yards. So I drove 10 hours with my now wife, were we married at the time, probably? She didn’t divorce me so that was good. So we drove out 10 hours to Pennsylvania from Massachusetts or from Vermont I can’t remember it was so long ago. When we got there, this is why I started my own freaking brand, I brought 4 drivers my 4 best clubs. I was warming up, feeling alright, had 360 in the local division I was feeling good about that. I get there I am like dude these guys are all bigger, faster, there was one guy there that won it that year and he was warming up 2 bays down from me. You know what the wife said to me then, she goes, “Holy sh*t these guys are swinging a lot faster then you?” I am like you know I am hitting in an hour right?

That was good, she didn’t mean it, but I think his name was Aaron Mansfield. I remember he was just freaking bombing it, he was swinging probably 150 and he hit a drive like 430 that day something disgusting like a grid record in Pennsylvania. I had my 4 drivers I took my 4 best ones because I didn’t want to get to confused, get weird. I am warming up no big deal trying to mind my own business. I am hitting balls feeling alright, guys are hitting it farther than me and guess what happens to my best driver? I freaking break it dude, so this is a whole theme of what was happening before. I kept having other guys build clubs for me and I broke every single one of them. So the biggest moment right when I am about to go on to hit for regionals I break my best driver. So I hit my back up driver which I hated.

Anyways, so I am playing with my back up driver, I hit it okay. I hit I think 338 yards and that was the longest I went that day. So I drove 10 hours out there to Pennsylvania in the middle of nowhere. Hit it 338, went home in 2 rounds, losers bracket, called it a day and what do I do next year? Did the same thing.

So long story short long drive guys I freaking love it, I wasn’t the best at it. It got me to start BombTech Golf so I am thankful for that, it did ruin my golf swing. I will say that and I wrecked my back but it’s all for the love of golf and hitting it far. But I just wanted to tell you that quick story and subscribe to this new YouTube channel guys we are keeping it raw!


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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