What actual golfers are saying

"I was blown away by this custom driver. I tend to slice, but have done very little of that. Hitting the ball longer and straighter. This is the real deal. Everytime I carry it to the range, people stop and watch. They are amazed at how good it looks, the sound it makes, and the distance and ball flight it produces. Great service with a top of the line product, will have me going back to purchase more of these products." John C.

"Best golf driver ever. Just ordered a second driver as a backup. I have had all the big name golf drivers, but this by far a superior club in every way. Only club I have ever bought that was immediately and noticeably better than any other driver. Would not go back to the major manufacturers. Bombs away.Brett B.

"This club is the real deal. I'm pretty sure not too many people return this club. Saying a driver is long has been said a million times and this club is long, but it is also ridiculously accurate. It's point and shoot accurate. The sound at impact is such a pure sound, and the feel you get at impact is unlike any driver I have played before. It produces a nice medium ball flight and that hits the ground running. My natural ball flight with a Driver is a fade and this club has made that Fade into a Power Fade. The look of this club just makes you feel you can hit it perfectly every time. What really impresses me about this club is that so far it has minimized my misses to much more manageable misses. This club inspired me to purchase the 3 wood, the hybrid some wedges and for good measure the blade putter. When I get those clubs I will give my review on them as well. I am sure they will be just as great as this golf driver. Keep up the good work Sully, you have a customer for life! #Pullthepin." Jeremy M.