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New! BombTech 72 Degree Wedge


😲 You read that right...72 DEGREES!

💣 Hit the highest flop shots of your life

💣 Try it for 60 days on your course

What You Get - BombTech 72* Lob Wedge

I mean...Prepare yourself! 72 Degrees of insanity. 

Yes, you read that right...SEVENTY-TWO DEGREES of loft.  Flop shot everything! This isn't for the faint of heart.  Launch them high and land them soft from anywhere.

The insane mega lob wedge is constantly sold out...For a reason! Get yours and stick those hard greens!

60 Day Guarantee

Our direct to golfer pricing allows us the unique ability to offer you this unreal set at a price that can't be beat. As always, we back all of our clubs with a 60 day on course guarantee. Our only goal is to help you play your best golf and not break the bank.


- Lie: 64*

- Cast: 304 Stainless

- Bounce: 6*

- Loft: 72*

- Head Weight: 308 Grams

- Swing Weight: D5

- Shaft: Stepped Steel

- Wedge Length: 35 1/4 Inches

- Grind: Heel and Toe Grind

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Customer Reviews

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72 degrees of sweet approaches. BOOM! I just said that!

72 degree wedge

A bit of a gimmick, not sure how many times I would get to use a club with this extreme loft during a round and not sure which club I would take out from my bag to make room for it, but other than that it’s a nice club, great workmanship and the delivery time was very quick

Top-notch Execution of a Terrible Idea

No one needs a 72-degree wedge. That being said, not having one was making me feel like less of a man. So I went out and got one of these and my score has.....remained unchanged. However, I’ve had a lot more fun consistently flop-shotting onto the green with this club. It does work remarkably well for that. Bottom line - you don’t need this club, but you do need to stop being such a little bitch and go out and buy this club!!


New! BombTech 72 Degree Wedge

Awesome set of wedges 52,54,60,72 bought all four!

Love these wedges the 72 is crazy flat and will get out of any tight bunker very happy to have pulled the pin recommend these to everybody

The flat iron

Very impressed with the quality of the club. You can always pick out the cheaper clubs just by seeing the finish but Bombtech is right up there. I haven’t used it yet because I get oversized grips and haven’t had the chance to get one installed.

72 degree wedge

Awesome , tried my new 72 degree wedge out today. I was just expecting it to be fun for messing around on the range.It was but, I actually had 2 times where it came in handy where I was coming out of bunker on a short sided green. I love it , and I love the Bombtech company as a whole. How many owners of companies call to thank you for your order? Sully does , I am now a bombtech customer for life and you will be too when you give it a shot. Thx Sully !!

Great club

I got this club for one reason and one reason only. Green side bunkers. Fantastic club. Weird but, cool.

72 degree wedge

Nice quality made club. Pretty difficult to hit more than a few feet. Does pop the ball up nicely. I'm sure I'm gonna have to practice a lot with it to make it worth keeping in the bag. Fun to mess around with.

Love the 72

Great club, can’t wait to practice with it in the off season and get back out there in spring.