BombTech Skis?

Sup guys Sully here, I need some freaking green and black goggles dude what’s up with that dude? No one is on the mountain today, testing our prototype BombTech skis. UVM engineered can’t believe it. It’s kind of crazy, I don’t often get too take a step back and think about what we are doing and enjoy it. Today I was having a moment, I didn’t cry or anything. It’s pretty amazing when I have to go to work to the mountain to go test out some skis. I get to golf and ski and live the dream, it’s not always like that.

This whole year and actually 12 months has been grinding. So not all of it is as fun as it looks, we have to work hard especially with the Facebook updates. Which is our number one channel to reach you guys, so we have been going hard on Snapchat. It is days like this that I get to go ski and test out new product, makes me remember why I started BombTech Golf and why I am starting BombTech Skis. If you guys know me there is only two main things I do, ski and golf, it’s that simple. Now I will be able to golf all summer with BombTech gear, swinging BombTech’s. In the winter I will be able to ski BombTech skis, it’s a crazy notion.

Thanks to the University of Vermont’s engineering department, yea I think I have a booger, that’s standard for skiing. I won’t cut it keep the booger, thanks to the University of Vermont engineering department, I work with students every year since 2012. We do not always make a product that is game changing to be straight up, but this year the kids killed it. I had an intro to a manufacturer that could get it done. It’s kind of surreal, it’s like the first time I swung a BombTech driver. I could not freaking believe it, and now I am skiing on BombTech skis, it’s crazy dude!

So anyways I am super excited and pumped, so if you guys like these types of videos just hit subscribe. I want to thank everyone who has supported me and BombTech Golf, look forward to 2018 having a launch of our own ski line. Look forward to having you guys on the team, peace.


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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