Can a golf driver be shortened

This is not a question that I am asked often, but I wanted to explain how a golf driver can be shortened and the impact it will have on your golf game.

So, can a golf driver be shortened? Yes.  

It is an easy task with the proper golf specific tools.

Golf tools needed (preferred):

1 - Golf specific vice for holding your club without breaking the shaft

2 - Hook blade for utility knife

3 - Golf shaft cutter or chop saw

4 - New grip

5 - Golf grip tape

6 - Golf solvent 

First, you must understand that cutting down your golf driver will change how the shaft flexes and how the club feels. By reducing the length of your golf driver you will make the swing weight lower which will make your golf driver "feel" lighter. In doing so, your shorter golf driver will also feel stiffer because the shaft length is now shorter.  

The best way to keep the driver "feeling" the same and flexing the same would be to add weight to your golf driver head.  The simplest method is to add lead tape to the sole of your golf driver.  If you decide to cut your driver down without adding any weight it may not feel as you intended it to!  There is a reason we make golf drivers at 45.5 inches, they are designed to feel and perform specific for that length. 

I personally have cut and gripped thousands of golf drivers.  Thankfully, I don't personally assemble any of our clubs anymore.  I couldn't keep up...With well over 200,000 clubs sold it would be impossible for one person.

If you decide to shorten your golf driver.

1 - Place your golf driver in your golf specific vice.

2 - Use your hooked blade utility knife and carefully remove the grip

3 - I would personally leave the tape on unless it is falling off.  Its easy to damage graphite shafts in attempting to remove the tape.

4 - Measure your golf driver to your preferred new length

5 - Mark and cut

6 - Apply golf specific double sided tape (leave 1/4 extra for over hang) - Measure to make sure the golf grip will hide the tape completely but still has enough tape to cover entire grip.

7 - Apply grip solvent to tape and inside of grip. I prefer to pour a slight amount into the grip itself then pour over the grip tape.

8 - Carefully slide grip on and align grip with your preferred alignment.

9 (Optional) Add lead tape to sole of club head to maintain swing weight and feel.

Ready to step up your golf driver game?

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