Chipping: What Wedge Should You Use to Improve It?

Improving your short game can be one of the seemingly most difficult tasks in golf, as it is easiest to plateau in chipping and playing close to the green. Game improvements in short game are the most difficult to perceive, making it look a lot more demanding than it should be. Although a quality wedge set for golf enthusiasts can get you closer to improving your chipping, even that can prove more difficult that looks. 

It’s challenging to first choose the perfect wedge set to chip with even before you start improving your technique with so many different wedges to choose from, and a variety of wedge angles that affect your shots. But that’s something to work on, not something to fear, and improving your chipping game is one of the ways to go from a high-handicap to a mid-handicap golfer.

What is chipping in golf?

In golf, chipping shots are those shots that a golfer plays around the green and with the aim of getting the ball on the green and rolling as close to the cup as possible. The chip shot is very similar to the pitch shop.

However, the difference between a chip shot and a pitch shot is that a pitch shot flies a lot farther than it rolls, while a chip shot rolls farther than it flies. Depending on the terrain, a chip shot can end up covering more ground than a pitch shot, especially on steeper slopes.

Chip shots are, somehow, often overlooked. Realistically, you won’t have to perform chip shots on every hole, but when you do have to resort to chipping, you should do it well. Whenever you miss the green, you’re in for a chip shot, and it can be crucial to shaving a couple of strokes off your game. 

How can I improve my golf chipping?

Improving your chip shots is an excellent way to elevate your golf game. Chip shots are tricky shots to master, but they can be vital when you find yourself in a situation where you need to reach the green from a relatively short distance away.

There are several important aspects that you have to pay attention to when looking to advance your chipping game, and here’s a detailed breakdown.

  1. Stance: You want to position your feet parallel to the target line, with your feet completely square and from 0” to 6” apart.
  2. Grip: You don’t want to grip your wedge too tightly during chip shots. Instead, you want to softly grip the wedge and place your bottom hand at the grip bottom, and use your thumb to push down the shaft and provide power.
  3. Ball position: The golf ball should be right in the middle when chipping. Even though you can place the ball in the back for a more descending blow, or in the front for more loft, the usual position for a chipping shot should be in the middle.
  4. Weight set-up: You should try to put about 70% of your weight forward, but also pay attention to maintaining proper balance during your shot.
  5. Ball striking: As said, remember that all the power comes from the thumb. Also, chip shots are shoulder swings. There is no movement in the wrists or the hands, it’s all in the shoulders. 

These chip shot tips should be enough to get you over the hump and into confident chipping territory. However, if you still notice some problems with your chipping, you might be making some of the common chipping mistakes?

What are the common mistakes while chipping?

There are 5 extremely common mistakes that beginner and intermediate golfers tend to make while chipping. Let’s see what they are and how you can eradicate them.

  • Some golfers stand too far away from the ball before a chip shot. Instead, get in closer to the ball before you swing
  • Never use your hands or your wrists while doing a chip shot. All the movement comes from the body and the shoulders, and you should pivot your entire body while chipping.
  • Avoid the temptation to help the ball along when chipping. If you have a quality set of golf wedges, trust in the loft to do all the work.
  • Do not use only once club to chip. Vary the clubs you use for chipping depending on the current situation. 
  • Don’t hit the chip shot too quickly. Develop a chipping routine you can go through in order to hit every chip shot equally well.

Combine the tips for improving your chipping and try to eliminate these common chipping mistakes and you’ll be on the fast track to mastering your chip shots and having one more weapon in your golfing arsenal.

What degree wedge is best for chipping?

Typically, it is the sand wedge that is considered the best option for chipping. Sand wedges come in loft degrees that range from 54 to 58, and they can be suitable for a variety of golfing situations that require chipping.

However, you can also use a pitching wedge for chip shots if your ball is just off the green, some ten or so yards away, and if the ground to the green is relatively flat. In this situation, you can use the pitching wedge to keep the golf ball low so it can easily run to the hole.

So, the first thing you should do before choosing the wedge for your chip shot is to assess the shot. If there are obstacles in your way, resort to the sand wedge to clear the obstacles and land on the green. If not, you can use the pitching wedge to get your ball on the green.

What degree wedge do pros chip with?

Professional golfers are adept at inspecting the situation they’re finding themselves in and choosing a wedge for their chip shot accordingly. That is why providing an answer to what loft degree professionals chip with is impossible.

Pros will use anything from a 56° to a 60° for chipping. But things can get even weirder than that. Some PGA golfers will use putters for chipping in some situations, or even 7, 8, or 9 irons, depending on the shot they’re about to make.

This just goes to show that there is no ideal golf club for any of the most frequent golf shots. There is the perfect golf club for the current occasion, and that’s it. You need to know how to assess the shot you’re about to make, and choose your club accordingly.

Who sells the finest golf wedge set that can improve my chipping?

Finding a high-quality set of golf wedges that can improve your short game is a difficult task. The selection is vast, but not all wedges that look good will actually be good for your game. However, at BombTech, we make premium sets of golf wedges that look amazing, feel incredible, and will push your game forward at a reasonable price.

We take the overhead costs out of the equation by offering all our golf clubs to the customers online, which allows us to offer supreme quality at a normal price. At BombTech, we believe that every golfer deserves to have a premium golf club in their hands, and we do all we can to make that happen.

Finally, we greatly value the satisfaction of all our customers, so if there’s anything not to your liking, you can return your clubs within 60 days of the purchase. We eliminate all the stress from buying fresh clubs. Contact us today and let’s improve your shots together.

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