Golf grip size and ball flight

Golf grip size and ball flight?

Let's take a step back and clarify what grip sizes are available.

Undersize: 1/64 of an inch smaller than Standard.

Standard: Baseline for measurements

Midsize: 1/16 of an inch larger than Standard.

Jumbo: 1/8 of an inch larger than Standard.

If you have never re-gripped your golf clubs before...than you have only used standard size grips. Which is very normal.

So, what impact does golf grip size have on ball flight?

Basic fundamental thoughts on grip sizes:

Playing a small grip can cause some players to "over grip" or squeeze to tightly. This type of tension has been known to rob golfers of distance and inhibit the necessary wrist action. On the other hand, if you are using a smaller grip with proper pressure it can lead to overactive wrist movement which can cause some golfers to hook or pull the ball.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you choose a grip that is too large. It can cause reduced feel and make squaring of the clubface more difficult. This typically leads to a push for most golfers.

Do I believe this? Yes, to a certain extent.

The reality is that the large majority of golfers should play a standard grip size. For the smaller percentage of golfers, those that have very large hands or very small. It may be wise to try an undersized grip or jumbo grip to see how it performs or your game.

From my past experience, I have found that some golfers can benefit from a mid-size grip. Playing a slightly larger grip can reduce over active hands and offer straighter drives.

Just like many things golf, it comes down to feel and the golfer. If a standard grip feels too small, try a midsize. If a midsize feels too big try a standard size. Grips are easy to change and can help your game.

I recommend starting with a standard grip like we offer with our BombTech golf clubs. 

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  • Are there grips bigger than jumbo + 1/8 arthritis so fingers don’t bend well

    Marty Gavinski on

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