Steroid testing in golf?

Steroid Testing in Professional Golf??

This Topic seems to be one that has many different opinions, but a topic that seems to turn up every year on many levels. Should the PGA Tour test them or not??

My opinion is simple “YES” contrary to many of the pros opinions that they find it unnecessary and pointless I STRONGLY disagree. Just like any professional sport like Football, Hockey, Basketball etc Steroid provides an advantage not only in strength, endurance, but to me the biggest is Recovery.

To think for a second when an average golfer stands over a 120 yard wedge shot coming out of 4” thick ruff has the same ability as someone jacked on the juice does you are dead wrong, that my friend takes strength and strength many of us lack. But give us a few months and the magic of the Juice and suddenly that same shot is not as daunting. The overall power difference and ability to hit those tough shots becomes a whole different ball game when you have such an advantage along with being able to withstand many days of competitive golf without losing energy just isn’t fair. Now about Recovery it has been proven that someone who takes steroids recovers much quicker than those who don’t, which in today’s layout and FedEx-cup format can be a big advantage.

The bottom-line is just like any professional sport where some seek to gain an advantage over the others Professional Golf should not be held under a different set of rules, and being a sport supported by such high standards no PGA Tour member should have any issues with testing and for those of them who do it begs the question do you have something to hide?

So at the end of the day it is cheating and those that chose to stray from the road of ethics should be held accountable, and those who don’t should have what they have worked so hard to do an even chance at success.

Steroid testing in golf by Matty King

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